A N.L Jr. UPA # 3645789 Tab.


Listen to the next county
Its raining puppy and kittens
For your information mice hate cheese
The mouse trap was invented by a cat

When a dog chases his tail it's geometry
Jack went up the hill with Jill for red wine
The earth is flat so the upswing played fun
Wooden police a.k.a toothpicks dot and dash

Hush quiet please
Cotton candy on the scene
Q-tips backup singers
Choke and gag sunglasses
Hush quiet please

See the sound coming from the cups
One pink one red finally one cracked
Lover girl been bad got a spanking
Mom and dad backed me up on this

The city squrrels are running wild
Angry cause they can't find their nuts
With cheeks packed to the maximum
It wouldn't be proper to complain much

Hush quiet please
The wind is drawing a map
Finger painters leave you a message
Read the fine print in the middle
Hush quiet please




Copyright, Nathaniel London Jr. 2013

Poetry by France England
Read 373 times
Written on 2013-02-08 at 22:05

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