IX A slight but profitable detour... The Laird Jake

The Laird Jakeís crew
Is as stout a bunch as Calico Joe ever knew
All of them ready and willing to launch
On the next adventure whatever the brew

Calicoís the master and owner of Jake
Jimís First Mate and Fogís navigator
Macís Quartermaster and likely to take
The Jake and crew to another bit of weather

Mac knows this guy on the New York shore
Nameís Rick Blaine heís working for the mob
Buying booze and shipping to a warehouse store
In NYC to distribute to Speaks and Manhattan snobs

Mac says Rickís a stand-up guy
But a nasty cuss if you sell him trash
So if we play straight then bye and bye
Weíll off load The Jake and be in the cash

Blaine came by to see the rye
I liked him from the very get go
He bought it all and itís no lie
The price was fair and status quo

He even ran it across that night
The Jake was now empty and free to go
He was legal on both shores swift and light
And ready for the tradewind's steady blow

Rick called me aside before he left
He made an offer huge cash up front
To not consider it would be daft
The Jake was in for another stunt

We were legal now without the booze
To sail to the harbor at NYC
Up the St Lawrence and to port at Rideau
Then Champlain The Hudson and out to sea

The crew signed on in double quick time
When they saw the cash and got their share
With pockets lined we slipped our lines
Making way down the northern shore

Rideau was easy and Champlain a curse
West winds boiled over the Adirondacks
Heeling us hard and driving Jake worse
Than a Superior blow we were making tracks

We struck the masts at Whitehall NY
The bridges too low for the Jake to sail
We motored to Waterford there we lie
And hoisted them up Ö but that's another tail

Poetry by josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 420 times
Written on 2013-07-29 at 20:21

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ngaio Beck
A wonderful snapshot. Ah for the days when men were men,and you dould "tell a book by its cover"

Very well written, like it!

I would have done it just for the adventure and camaraderie, but it's nice to share the spoils too. I suspect it will be some time before we get to spend it though. Jim's thinking Bermuda and I'm thinking maybe the Keys . . . what Calico Joe is thinking we shall soon see. A stout ship and a brave crew might go anywhere.

We got away with it, and my conscience is clear. The cash in our pockets will buy some Bermuda rum. Now that we're legal I can breath a sigh of relief. Some say a boat is nothing but a floating jail. That may be so, but I prefer it to Sing-Sing, so let's keep it legal and let the wind blow.