I wrote this poem a year ago, for my dad who was very ill. Now, everything became reality... For he is now in heaven.

In My Dreams...

Last night I found myself dreaming,
In my dream, I saw you leaving;
I was crying and shouting out loud,
But you ignored me & didn't even look back.

You went to a place; I know I haven’t seen it yet.
You went to a couple of friends, I know I haven’t met.
You were all smiling, what a lovely smile?
You were all dancing, you were in the limelight.

You went with them to a big white palace,
With the white angels guarding the entrance.
I am calling you, “Dad, please come back”,
Yet you just smiled and turned your back.

Then, thunder rolls and lightning strikes,
I was awaken as the clock strikes five.
I was so afraid and I was crying,
‘Coz in my dream I saw you leaving.

Poetry by Zelle
Read 484 times
Written on 2013-09-06 at 07:22

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