Playing with words, sharing them with you, am back again and life is little bit better(am glad that you are here, thank you for reading my words)so life is a little bit better but still unknown(unlived) untill the day I die, then I will know:D

Keeping it fresh

If THE unknown feels like the fear of failure how can we know what failure is - it is still unknown? 








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Written on 2013-09-30 at 21:19

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I wish I could engage in this challenge but now is probably not the best time; my brain isn't working the right way right now. All the same, these words are beautiful; more beautiful to me personally than you could possibly imagine - or perhaps you can.

Either way, thank you dear poet friend.

This is the way I see it: Unkown is not actually failure, therefore failure does not have to be unknown(but it can be of course)
Also the fear of failure is not actually failure so we could remain in the state of unknowing because the fear prevents us from discovery etc but this is not failure is the fear that is restrictive.
Also the unknown here FEELS like the fear of failure so that opens up actual and imaginary
We can know failure without associating it with the unknown even in ordinary day to day living and in these cases there is no unknown or fear that would be aligned to it.
This is an interesting work which makes your reader think and think,so i applaud you:)

An intriguing question . . . I don't know yet how I might answer it but you have me thinking.