The moon is bright and I can no longer sleep,
so I slip, my feet touching those polished
floors, smooth, a generation like stones
polished in the oceans. There is a breeze
my heat slickened skin from the night
embraces it all. This is my time,
I make out the Chinese silks and the
paper you designed with me in mind.
There is no garish technicolour at this time
and the opaque night is slightly lifting,
I see stars, do you see them too?

The balcony is lit by a million miles,
of memories and smiles and you,
I miss the slow walk and the
thud, thud, thud as scuffing
you would ruffle up last Autumn's leaves,
as waiting for my coffee to brew,
my fellow insomniac, or just
my companion of the night
more dear to me than any lover was
or could me, although they try.

I watch imaginary rivers snake
a lazy course, settle in an easy chair,
steam is aromatic at this hour,
the running water over stones,
bats still flitting, late out
they collide with chorusing birds,
oh my lover of this easy hour
before harsh light scours
and the river becomes a murky grey.

Touch me, feel me, run your fingers
along my skin, more seductive, until
shivering I reach and hold the silk
that binds me to this world.
I dream, more vividly
my instincts sharpened, refined
the day has not yet maligned
I will be beautiful because
I am the shadow that caresses
loves more than you will know.

Times change, I miss my companion
who sat beside me, his ears soft
his sighs, my sighs, two early
morning communicators without
the need of platitudes, you are here
I feel you in the breeze,
coffee curls, the river winds
my mind is as clear as the sultry
scents, untarnished by the day.
How I love you, the more honest of emotion,
unfettered, I let you lick my skin and
suck my concave remains closer to me,
lover, in this hour, hold me close forever.

Poetry by Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 470 times
Written on 2014-06-15 at 17:07

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Ivan R
What a world in this poem.
Not only the poetry, it is grand and outstanding, but the imagery as well...

This one is one for the books.

To take a bit of this poem might seem to negate the rest, but it is all so grand that some worlds should be the ambassadors of this great piece in this comment of mine, because I so much adore this poem, so here it goes:

" The balcony is lit by a million miles,
of memories and smiles and you "

Wow. The best of poems.

I like this. Inspiring work
Thank you !

Atmospheric and full of longing, yet a subtle peacefulness.

Elle, this poem is so filled with vivid imagery, metaphors, and emotions. I was both moved and delighted in reading it. Simply beautiful.