This one is more about falling in love with who I'm going to be. 'Cos finally I know who that woman is going to be.

Phoenix Rising

I'm not going to let my potential go unnoticed again.

I'm never going to stay unproductive.

I'm never going to settle for a 9-5.

I will always experiment with clothes.

I will always shop impulsively.

I will always spend on lasagne.

I may always have a tummy as well.

And I'm good.


I will cry.

I will be a wreck sometimes.

I will allow myself to be just who I am.

I will not apologize for being me.


I will learn to keep personal life separate from office life.

I will learn to keep colleagues separate from friends.

I will know the difference.

And I will know when to mix and match.


I cannot hide from society and it's norms.

But I will not follow all of them.

Just the ones that don't hinder me from being myself.


I'm fierce.

I'm passionate.

I'm emotional.

I'm creative.

I'm innovative.

I love change.

I believe in chaos.

As much as I believe in growth.


I'm not a reader of books.

I'm not a writer yet.

One day I will publish a book.

One day I will have a family.


I will leave a legacy.

I already have.

Poetry by Purple Puddles
Read 423 times
Written on 2014-12-15 at 15:08

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I like this a lot . . . it seems to me something that every young person should consider and set down as a way of getting to know not just who they would want to be but who they are now. There is already wisdom here . . . though be prepared for what John Lennon (and several others) warned: "life is what happens while you're busy planning something else."