Pondering on Indian roads

On a wave I have been

In your arms I go back to the shore

In the forest I was seeking
with the gnomes and fireflies

a vision of the world
after the light had gone

an Indian
original member of earth

2000 years on
I find myself on a street
in my mothers house
it is named street number 10
" Vengatan 10 "

streets here formed in a long line
people on it
with mobil phones

2 years here

I would have loved to be walking on a beach
touching the sand with my toes
and hands

now following the concrete road

would love grass and fields and stones
rather then

I would love to be back on Indian fields

and roads

in mind

Poetry by Ivan R
Read 346 times
Written on 2015-10-31 at 02:30

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Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
This poem has such a dreamy quality to it. It talks to that primal part in all (or many) of us who feel that pull towards nature and simpler times. Well done

Being part Cherokee (a small part but one that has grown more important as I've grown older) I relate to this very much. There are so many places here where I know my ancestors lived or passed through, where I walk now and sense who they were and my connection to them. In my late years they have informed many of my sensibilities and attachment to these places I have lived my whole life - "grass and fields and stones."