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66 years old from

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Turning down the Queen...

The self prclamde Empara
The Danes know he wore
No cloths
So they could see he had a wee tool
So The Empara declined to go Copenhagen
So that he could avid the Danins mirth
Greenlanders much prefer Danish Law
May decry the Dains may questn the Dains father
BUT at least being a singal parent they are not 'Trumpertan ' Trumps - child!
Ken D

tap water and tea leaves

Our Earth Our Planet Where We All Came From
The Sead The Womb From Where Came From
And Where We Live
Needs Our Love And Care For!
Ken D

Haiku for Peter Fonda

There are those who live on with in a one off performance.
Ken D


This could be has much about any neighborhood in post industrial
Town or city. I relley appreciated your work hear, Thomas.
Ken D


And hear we all like you write has life is.
Ken D


Interesting work. Welcome to poetbay Lazylizzy, hear is all of life. In all human forms living life.
Ken (D Williams)


A well expressed work, Dee. Keep thinking and writing freely.
Ken D

Bridging Thought

At times it takes two to ensure both spans of bridge meet up perfickto in the middle to complete the bridge.
Ken D

The Heart of wisdom

To thy self be ever true?
Ken D

My best shot

A poet writes to be read Mick
Here we are read
A poet may never know who's reading
Mostly never knows who reading
Rairly knows the affectes of the poets words the poets has
Has upon the reader
Readers think has they reader after being reads affected
That only the reader will know
The poet carry's on should must carry on penning
For the reader needs to read poetry what the reader finds with in
Only the reader will know
The poet just need to know some one some wear some one is reading
So Mick keep on typing writhing out your poetry please
Ken D

My best shot

I hope that you will reconsider, Mick.
Ken D

Am back

Welcome back Joshua-jelly - we are looking forward to reading your works.
Ken D

Changeable like the weather.

Complaining winging is just a PART of our DNA! Liam! ;)
Ken D


Well I trust the yoke joke not on you, Marie! ;)
Ken D

Rainy summer day by Ann Wood

An exultant poem Ann.
Ken D

Conversations no1

Oh happy days when words are said yet misunderstood. When talking about a subject should be taken searousely to the cashal ear. Lightens the mood! To be recallde later when noeedid!
Ken D

Thoughts on the news today.

I totally agree with you, Marie! The news of the event came down to how much the child won! All about money thees days, not about kids haveing fun and enjoyment any more!
Ken D

I love you

Love is love for all of that. A good poem Asem, welcome to poetbay.
Ken (D Williams)

Tell Me

A wonderful work a wonderful. Welcome to poetbay, Katniss.
Ken (D Williams)

The Trump has Triumphed.

He indeed pull it off
Then he pulled
And ever more DOWN DOWN
Ken D

Finding yourSelf

Finding one self can take time
Once found the journey has one self
Les of an endurance
Ken (D Williams)


A very good work. Set me off to think a work of mine emerged.
Ken (D Williams)

she is now a he (happy pride month)

In 1967, the U K Parliament were debating legerliseing homosexuality, lebeisam was never elege. I was at sckool at the time. A T V progame, was due to hold it's own debate, I ask my mother to let me stay up to watch it, mum said: ' No you have school in the morning, I will ask your dad to explaine it it tro you''. So I wnet of to bed. Later dad came home from work. Mum duly told mum of wonting to know about it all. Dad dind not hesataite, cme up to my besdroom, woke me up. ' mum said your were asking questans about just what homosexuality is''; well son, homosexualerty is just men who love outher men'' ; I said '' thank you dad'. I went back to sleep, dad whent bsack down stitrres to have his supper. Fear comes from egnorance, enlitan others espeshery childrin, progame chilldren with knowlege, so replaseing egnorannce with knowlege.

I Was Not Consulted

Sadly it is has it is
Has it is over there
Is has is over here too
Tis so tis all over this world
This world that we now exists upon
Ken D

Elegy for the Lost Love

A fine work, Yayati, welcome to poetbay.
Ken (D Williams)

Singing silence

Is has it is
Ken (D)

Best friends forever.

Thus it is so!
Ken (D)

Popcorn Time

I enjoyed this work very much. Welcome to poetbay - The Himalayan Bard
Ken (D Williams)


Worry not have no fear
You are still typing out
How happy we all are
That being so!
Ken D.

grieving is...

Love is that an emoshan thats lives on and ever on love over cames even death. Love is truley eternal. When death comes unexpected, love remains continues on and on.
Many do not know what is right words are hard to express to those who have lost one they love to death. Many walk on by, to embartist lost for words. While yet there are a few, who stop give hu gs of the love of f reindshipo, stop walk besiode those who in de spasr e, listyane, give what they have, ofer g eunen worrds of sypathey. Some may be clumsey, yet carry on, Willing to do and say, what is needed, some can and do lis tasn, some are there nve r what, being has theyb are g enuen, Some geneualy ca re for others.

Sometimes in the morning

'' Then we are the listeners! ''
''I me you we are listening to each other!''

The seasons come, and go.

The most amazing sound I heard. Were a flock of Canadian geese
flying over my head flying my road home. I recon they were lost curt maybe by a strong wind. Or maybe the goose leading had misread his/her map! Never seen that before or sadly since! I head them before I saw them, thinking it were my fertile mind at work, till I looked up in to the blue sky! A site and sound I will never ever forget!
Ken D

Does love really go away? by Ann Wood

An appropriate quote: '' Tis is better to of loved and lost than never of loved at all! '' - Alfred Lord Tennyson
Ken (D Williams)

A Note to Poetbay Friends

Thats a booger, Tom! I I am thinking out to you, mate. May you soon be fully recovered and typing fit ASP!
Ken D

Thank You for Your Condolences and Kindness

The humanity here expressed in words
Help you through these time of unmanageable pains
A few empathize has they in some ways been are still there now
So a few found some thing to help them cope
Others fear suffering has you are - they like you
Found on - in - poetbay - those who can and will support them
Should they have a need to shear their pains - with out complaint
IN words hug - ears - to listen - eyes open to read - with an open mind - we care
Ken D

being old

I know just how you fail, Wumbulu! Keep on rolling, just out of to spite THEM 'em all!
Ken D


Some say: '' nothing had cold has charity! '' Or '' cold has charity!''
Ken D

Destiny me

Welcome back to us all of poetbay! And back stamping down those devils trying to hold you down - telling those devils to take a run and jump! WELL DONE WELL WROTE, our dear Dee!
Ken D


Welcome back LFD1! Back with a very good thoughtful work has well.
Ken D

When Thought And Reason Go Asunder

HAPPY Birthday, my dear Jo, we have now have reason to appreciate repeats of songs TV &CO! & has poets use verse to kick off remembering names and stuff we have ''temporary'' forgot!
Ken D

My Son No Longer Shines

I'm a poet - yet at a such time has this.I have lost for words, that will give you dear Kathy. That can give any comfort, at such a time of unimaginable pain and sorrow. All I can do in my clumsy way, is say I am thinking out to you and your family. Never dowt that right now and always I am, ALWAYS THINKING OUT TO YOU AND ALL OF YOUR FAMILY. HUGS
Ken D

My Son No Longer Shines

Thinking out to you, my dear dear, Friend, hugs,
Ken D

Oh How Callously

A powerful work, Liz!

Spring by N. Y. VAPTSAROV translated by Ann Wood

Thank you for posting Ann.
Ken D

Praying with Beads

I pass on beads
Preferring words
Spoke and writ
To sooth my mind
And the mind of others
Works for me!
Ken D

Part V The Laird Jake...Of Duff and Hog Town

A grand work (very good!), Joe.
Ken D


It is those who survive
Those who turn the page
Turn the page over
Who write fresh new book
Are those who insures
What was is ended never no more
No more to bed repeated!
Ken D

Slam Poetry

A very good work, Bibek. Put me to thinking of what will be my last open mic reading my work. I prefer now my works to be read by those who read.
Ken D

DAMNED - poetry

No escaping the need to express one self in poetry!
Ken D ;)

My tears

A very good work. Welcome to poetbay, Luna Engh.
ken (d williams)