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Ghost of Heino

93 years old

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Of course we worry. But the generations to come will adapt, in mind body and skills. The change is rather fast, ours was (or felt) more constant. The environmental changes are drastic. But we adapt, evolve, develop new ways of existence. Do not loose faith in human survival. Some generations will always suffer more than others. In some parts whole generations will probably be almost wiped out. They might not see it as suffering themselves but rather as the only and natural state of life. It is what they know, they are developing into a different form of Sapiens. Along with the speedy changes of this planet.

Go Lightly, Shoppers

that the cat is gone forever and that there is a circular structure?

I truly enjoyed this piece, it takes much talent to write complexity with such simplicity.


Arcturus. So bright and red.


Hanen galer

Jeg leser denne på flere måter. Nydelig!
I want to put this in a frame and hang it above my desk
or better; above my bed

at the 'el camino real'

Poetry often make me car sick.
Yours does not make me car sick. Even when the waves.

waiting at the gate

part three


Once I took you out on the sea and made you scream all you could. And we knew then that our ghostship would always find new lands, languages and time yet not invented.
Every grain has a name.

errare humanum est

Cuiusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare


You bring me into the room. I can even hear them sing. The heat from the people present. Your tears and how your mind takes it all in.
You have this ability to show every angle, every sound, every shade of every situation described by your hand.
It is a rare talent.

(Oh the cows, I hope they will grass upon that mountain for a long time still. And may this winter be a mild one.)

WHEN WE THINK OF THOSE WE LOVE (with thanks to one trick poney)

The complexity of human thoughts, life.
But you tell it with a beautiful simplicity, right to the core.
And that makes this poem a shining pearl.


Nydelig. Puster på deg. Igjen og igjen. Bokstaven H.


1: i collect distracting items
I fell in love with this write.

You do it really well you know. Write. You do it really well.

for a ghost

lucky lucky waist

a very special ghost

For She that saw her ghost in the dim light
and embraced it there with thoughts warm untamed and pure
She will never loose her shadow to the night
for it is forever engraved in her and her in her.

with love, GoH

Gone Girl

When on poetbay
I always take an eye-walk through your texts.
A zen moment. I enjoy them a lot.
This one especially.

they say terri is a dirty girl

a lucky pony

A Season to Forget

so thats how you roast them !!!
Oh my, the hidden treasures in this beauty!

in blue

I read your poem, but you present a photograph. Lingering. Great write!

Pesticides in the Ether - A rewrite

You have written a great poem. May its voice be heard. Such an important piece, and so well put.

the end

This poem spoke to me directly as I just sat by my mothers deathbed. Although we do not know what way we shall depart next, sure it is this way it will never be.
Thank you for your write.

I love lawn movers

I love mowers mops moffers and miips. I know you are dead now but it is nice to see you again here L. We miss you.

I The Laird Jake

this is fuckgood


(the iiiiiii sound escapes me now, escalating rapidly from the low C to the high pitch one) for
I once new a summergirl with the same name.


Great lyrical write about those keys we all keep searching for, losing,hiding,giving away, keeping.
What stronger symbol is there for modern mankind but the key.
As a woman I felt hit by the lock in this text. Made me carefully study my own heavy keyring, red cheeked as if exposed somehow.


My Sir, I adore thee
and your woven balm
caressing just that part of my brain

The desert sun and the ravens

A loss of innocence without misfortune.
The rhythm change put the array of feelings even more on display. Reading this was like catching a glimpse of myself in a shop window. Not lost, but not really there.
You do write with flame and passion and moonlight.
Poe´ish indeed. And that's not the worst of compliments.
Thank you for the dedication. An honour.

freedom (acrostic challenge)

aha! but is the metre just a self inflicted obstacle that is in need of defiance?
Never complete your perfection Nordsaga. You got me on my toes.
I like it.

P-0-E-T-R-Y (Acrostic challenge_

hehe , you´re stealin my train here aunt Phyllis?

Wordless wisdom

Blessed be
Your winter greeting is a howl worthy
Your words within words within trees

open me

This visually written candy of a poem leaves no reader untouched. Welcome, brilliant one !

Ink (haiku challenge)

This lovely haiku does give light however, to those of us up here in inkland.
Knowing that the darkness creeps into other peoples gardens houses and hearts makes it a little bit less lonely. We shall endure this winter as well sister !

naked trees (haiku challenge)

this has greatness
A fantastic haiku


someday someone will find that bracelet, maybe they will try it on and die
from heartache

That bracelet still bleeds

Everything is silence

Lionheart, my brave.
I hope to break some silence by humming while walking through your words. I bring with me Lourdes and I bring with me Emelén. Can you hear us?