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My ridiculous Facebook case

Thanks, Ashe, but Facebook is not American but international. Mark Zuckerberg is American. If he imposes American rules on international members, who have had nothing to do with America, he violates international fair play democracy and is a dictator, whom I can not accept as such.

I already sent this reply to you privately. but I think it should be displayed publicly as well. You apologized, and that's all right.

The Dead never rest

Interesting comment, Lawrence. I think, though, the spirit world is more or less constant, since few spirits are "born".

Permanent exile

Thanks, Ken.This is how Facebook treats a lady of a mature age. The pictures I have been reported for during the years were consistently posted only for their beauty without any sexual meanings or intentions. I will not start another account on Facebook since I always only had one, and if that is not acceptable on Facebook none other will be either. Facebook has chosen to kill a Facebook poet, only Facebook locked my account, and only Facebook can return to me what I created. Meanwhile, thanks for PoetBay.

The inevitability of hell

I have my own experience of it - practical experience.


"Every word a love letter" sets the lasting character from the beginning.


I agree with the "journey" denomination. But it's a journey that goes on, and it's a stormy sea in darkness, where it's difficult to read the compass for so much turbulence… But you are there, Maija, and your sensitivity will lead you on.


It's very critical indeed, but as long as the Brexit is not implemented there is still hope, especially as the US commits worse Dump blunders every day. Teresa May should have learned something from Tony Blair's diving headlong into the Bush trap.


Facebook makes it their business to mess with people. The original definition of terrorism is "government by intimidation". That's Facebook. You are not only guilty until proven innocent, but guilty even if you prove your innocence.


Thank you, Ashe. Yes, it is very critical indeed. This is a problem we will have to battle with for some time.

Straight face in a strait-jacket

All my poems are here:

The long hair

Yes, it was rather philosophically intended, more general than personal. Thanks for the apt comment.

Facebook reflections

not for me, though

The mask

could have been written by me

The only risk

True lovers are true collectors who never tire of carrying on...

After the fall

You are always so positive, Dan!

Update on Poetic Quilt

Please note the latest exchanges between me and Kathy.

Bleeding hearts forever

Bleeding hearts forever heal forever, so they can go on bleeding forever from healing compassion.

Too much love for Mendelssohn

He was the grandson of Moses Mendelssohn, "the first modern Jew", whose son Abraham Mendelssohn took the name of his wife, Bartholdy, to escape the Jewish stamp. They were all assimilated, and Felix became as Protestantic as Bach. He had a very delicate constitution and died of apoplexy, just like his sister. Fanny Mendelssohn and Clara Schumann were the two greatest female composers in history. Robert Schumann named his youngest son, Felix, after him. I believe most of Mendelssohn's and Schumann's many children died very young, like their romantic fathers.


This must be the answer to my poem which you promised.
Remember, that Dante had to go thorugh all hell just to get out of it!