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halal sauerkraut

Good luck with the halal food quest in your village. I think that sauerkraut is vegetarian no? And fermented but not alcoholic. Eat all you want I think if it tastes good!

Matinee Sunday Afternoon

So clever. Like it all; but the last 6 lines........bravo I think.

Over The Fence

I really like this. No unnecessary words, and a clear picture.

by heart?


Imaginary Lies

we only understand our own "journey" and no other's can be truly comprehended. I like this short form thought.


aw......alone on the wire......that says so much about the ones that get skittled hey? Like the surviving lizard partner, and mother kangaroo who makes it over the road, but junior doesn't. No harmony between metal and nature in this instance.

The Gift of Life and Death - Short story

Brilliant piece of writing Eli!!

Dreaming. The Triolet Challenge.

Thanks for the encouraging feedback people. I hope Noel Coward will forgive the borrowing of his " mad dogs " theme.

WOW! You're Growing up

Our own children. Such darling things. No matter what he does in the future, just tell him he's great. Can't go wrong!! Have fun.

Drawbridges Are All That

Exactly, Jenks. Thanks.

Beauty in Anything

Really good. A great observation on the wonder of children, and their ability to be fascinated with anything. Well spotted, and well composed.

Tree I thank you

Love trees. Don't really appreciate the line about the heavenly father , given it has god connotations and being a total non believer, but all the other sentiment I get exactly. "This is your life too." I like that especially.