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Happy July morning everyone by Ann Wood

Why thank you for your wonderful greeting and just to mention it I will be in great celebration this month of July for in few days it shall be my birthday! Oh what fun. Thanks for great write.

Good day by Ann Wood

Wow! What a wonderful way to start my day. You are so right. A day full of sunshine and a few beautiful smiles along the way makes joy and happiness a wonderful experience. You make me smile and laugh too. Thanks for such a great poem to start the day. All smiles here this early morning.

I have just learned by Ann Wood

Wow, this sounds like me but without my ability to express it the way you have done so beautifully. Oh to be like a song seems to fit my inner self whereas very few have sought to hear the melody that accompanied our exchange of words. This is by far one of the best writes in a long time and the way you've said it all with such honesty and true compassion has given me a new outlook on life. Most respectfully, as a writer and a human being it is a great pleasure to be a witness to the way you put your pen to the paper for your style is unique and all its own. After reading " I Have Just Learned" I feel pretty darn good with a hats off to you and cheers to a good cup of tea. Thanks again for the wonderful write and the wisdom that came along for the ride.

Do not expect... by Ann Wood

Thank you for these well expressed words of more than just wisdom and phrases to ponder. A spoonful of sugar makes the truth easier to swallow for the soul hasn't the heart of that grace has already freely given. For the wise this presentation is great medicine for both body and spirit; a reminder that love is more than reflection of what the world views as a glimmer of hope in another; ohh what a feeling they say just to fit in! I fully understand the difference between revelation and information.
Revelation is from above through Him while information leaks out via popularity; they said this and he said she said blah blah blah blah blah. Thanks so much for such a thought provoking presentation because I am a witness to the outcome of those who hope in nothing. They view love as a never ending party that never fills their cup. Thanks again. Very well written.

ACROSTIC by Ann Wood

Yeah, I know just want you mean. I have noticed that birds in flight bring along a melody and songs that appear to be delivered on purpose; I really do enjoy their performance. Such an endless song that never seems to become a bore. Can't wait for the next unscheduled opera! Thanks for the posting.

7th April Day of Health Workers by Ann Wood

You said it all in the opening line. That's how it works, with a smile. This goes for both parties; smiles have the tendency to break the ice. A happy worker is a well paid individual and it isn't always the pay but the joy of good health. Excellent write and a pleasure to read.

The doll Namerushka by Ann Wood

The value of what any heart feels is in their ability to care and see the true essence of giving. This story told what so many people couldn't find the words or courage to say. Here is where hope lives and it's nucleus is faith. Every Cinderella has her own prince and each new arrival is window shopping at its best. In the end every Cinderella wins hands down. Excellent story and well written. Thanks for the sharing.

Forgiveness by Ann Wood

The power of forgiveness is the only thing I can trust that has the Godly ability to purify man completely. The weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders when you let go of the negative mishaps from people. Once a person matures this act becomes less of an effort thus yielding a great sense of well being. I'm so glad you took the courage to remind us that the path we take is one that requires sharing with patience and plenty of understanding. I can remember a friend to forgive them and I had already done so without hesitation. Several days later I had to ask to be forgiven and this person granted me the same desire. Wonderful world of life and liberty for all mankind. Great write! Well said!

Across the Distance

Hope arrives when least expected; hands down and humility on the first floor of the forgiveness. It's your time now so let Cupid do his justice for the sake of love and romance. Starting over is putting into action what we learned the first, second or third time around. Let love have a great time because you deserve all you've given in return and much, much more according to the angels that sing early each morn. Wonderful work of art and I'm so glad to hear from you and your pen again. Lovely by all means. Thanks for the sharing.

Happy Valentanes Day to all my love ones by Ann Wood

You have a heart of gold and I believe that you are a wonderful friend. I too say, never forget to tell those dear to you just how much they are loved. Life is a clock of nature and the idea of when are where may fall short of what mankind wishes to follow. This poem brought to my attention on how much I loved my grandmother and told her so in words and action. Now, after she passed away I did miss her greatly but there wasn't any sorrow because I loved her and I made it known that I truly did and by that I mean I didn't cry or weep because I didn't say, grandma I love you. Thanks for the wonderful world of poetic wisdom and for the good memories I hold dear as I reflect on the beauty in loving those who are cherished always. Wonderful, wonderful just simply wonderful!

Good bye February by Ann Wood

Lovely is as lovely does and honor laced with respect rings true when it comes to family with nature being a close friend. February's sun adds beauty to the crispness in the air. A sip of tea or coffee between mother and daughter is heaven on Earth wearing a smile the entire day. Thank you for this beautiful write for I truly felt as if I were a part of your adventure that day. I enjoyed reading your well expressed words that are quite different from many other writes that have come my way. You have a style all your own that tends to let the reader ride on your wings of whatever the case may be. Great write and thanks for the sharing. F.E . Bravo!

If I

Such poetic wisdom in the eyes and heart of a great author held captive by a forever clear blue sky. Beyond lady luck is the ability to see that diamond in the rough and self satisfaction being the tattoo you wear so well. Great write! Bravo.

lull me lull

Actions speak yet not always well received as envy smiles with its sheepish grin. The mind plays an old song of past memories. Oh to be alone by truth or dare. You're the best and a clever poet as well. I got the encrypted message for devotion, love and honesty walk hand in hand forever. Wonderful poetic playwright..

Mother's Hands

The power of a mother's loving words; tender yet strong always there to protect. Her touch remains for a lifetime as you too share the private moments shared. Your written expressions can't be denied for the power of love refuses to hide. Great write and something to be remembered. Thanks for the sharing.

The Metamorphosis

The state of being
When time falls prey
In a good way reality statedy
My inner person the real
Two thousand years ago
I hummed a shower song
Hoping you'd hear early morn
Sunrise is the only last call.

You are beyond grace and reason to the genius. Great write.


Humility stands in the east corridor of mountain peaks. I freely share the unseen whispers of all you dare to confess. Like a helpless kite on a string that reaches far beyond the planet Mars. Oh how could I forget the tangerine of your planted seeds; over easy and over and over again. I stand first in time's nest of second chances already given. To love you is to respect you even more; yeah to embrace your courage like cups of tea. Come, set yourself free from this cage of paper chains and the horizon of many hopes by next June. You are a great writer and poet supreme. Soul touching ice cream and cake!

I have no rhythm

After a night of sincere prayer you held the likeness of me beyond grace. What was will always be, fear not it's only a writer's passage to adventure held up in traffic. Lies telling lies only to be ignored; songs written anew while pleged to the turtle under its shell. To simply live takes courage when everyone else is in celebration of three wishes plus four. You have a sense of direction which is greater than the Foxtrot followed by the Waltz. Great in every sense of the written word. You express so pastel.

A snippet

Please, by the request of fate be able to let me know. There's no shame running through the veins of love. Oh dear heart my soul still waits while crying rains only to water the plants left foolishly behind. Love kept secret denies Juliet the kiss sent by several men with the name Romeo. Why do you fear pretending? Wonderful write!

The Rain in Hong Kong

Memories tread my favorite song, home far away from my shadow weeping held in contempt yet I try. Most of my history gone or diluted please help me correctly spell my name correctly. Told I'm American and I stand between all that is and what hasn't materialize. A somber sunset greets me on the horizon as the erhu cries for my inability to remember the true place of my birth. China Crystal, oh now I remember part of my name. The root of the cause is strength embraced miles below in secrecy; once visable the rainbow already had a bit of a head start. Thanks for the trip back home to a place I've never been. Again such genius.


Freedom is all I have therefore to share this with you is not an option for the wind told me so. Made cool by the rythimic tide; Morse Code signs our secret language. Made strong by your willingness to surrender for you are resilient, a diamond in the rough daring the eye of the tornado to save face. I stand before you and the name of my shield is known as Caviler. To respond in any other way would be such a waste of words because you are simply Shakespeare embraced by Juliet. Thanks again for the write. Most respectfully yours.


Haven't been to Rio but I have love a second, third, fourth, forth and ectera, ectera, ectera opportunity to have its cake and eat it too. We had several glasses of red wine and strolled along the beach until dawn. With the sand slightly cool and Lake Michigan pleasant to our toes made kissing even more of a mystery. This moment was a shared dream twenty five years prior to our meeting. Think Rio is calling our heart's desire. What a vivid imagination come true; again most genius and flavorful. Thank you for my continued hope in life, liberty and true love blessed by good friends. You are fantastic in Cupid's eye.

Woman on the turn

I took a seat many moons ago gave time its welcoming hello several times. Trotting as a fox, my tail truth or dare; I hold my breath. Weak from overexposure as my shame drinks from the fountain of my eyes. April and May play hide-and-seek with logic versus wisdom; involuntary heartbeats and dried roses bookmarking. Maturity pays a visit and with a bruised ego soon exits and this unfamiliar shadow can't dissmiss what's rightfully ours; I remain still in the breath of your air. This is my comment expressed poetically as a result of your heart to pen to pad. Your brilliant way with words deserve so much more than the status quo and handshake. Men do come and go but a true gentleman takes a seat accepts the offer of coffee or tea and listens to the seldom sung songs of one's heart to sleeve. I heard you and felt the weeping of your willows passing by. You are a genius! Thanks.


Brilliant and with the brilliance of the Northern Star that told of the goodness to come. Your written expressions have always promoted my ability to think and reason beyond carnality does me well. Those who read this may not be able to preceive and most that do understand could be shy of courge in the face of blinding blemishes and tongues tied way past a flashing red light. The truth is the truth and the only thing that makes any lie sweeter is the company one shares while indulging for the sake of business as usual. America is being forced to grow up and so far this has been done by a new generation that have higher moral standards than their ancestors. God bless the truth and may God bless America. Thanks for the courage and strength to serve humble pie without the usual ice cream and blazing candles. Most respectfully yours.

I Hear You Sing

The beauty of this heart to mirror confession of the soul sent me and my better half into a whirlwind of courtship; we haven't kissed like this in a long time. You caused us to weep because your song of love arrived without notice; even Cupid was caught off guard. Your ability to express the devotion that runs through your veins can surely quinch the manliness of any soft hearted desperado. May true forever love double park where you reside. Thank you for this easy Sunday afternoon. If we had to claim a single line to be our favorite that couldn't be done so like the air we breathe we've taken it all in. Sigh


Oh what a wonderful way to whisper close to someone you hold dear. Hello my sweetheart, please let me love you. This is such a compassionate work of art that I stopped my wife from cooking dinner and asked for her company while all nice and cozy reminding each other how much we were still in love. Thanks for this moment of heavenly bliss and tenderness.

How Will You Remember Me?

Oh my love, dear tender moment I shall remember you by the beating of your heart and the warmth by which love on a platter serves my suggestion and what is to come. You shall be the the exhale of my every release of stress held captive. For true I love the taste of your mouth.

Starry Kingdom

Yes! The first line, "Starry kingdom. Bride white. Leafy quiet. As well as the last stanza. In all do respect you have put marriage on my heart's mind! This is great as it left me standing at the window of; til death do us part? My heart is smiling right now.

The Ancient Flame

Love knows no fault! Great write! I get it.

Practicing Breathlessness

Love is an example of heaven's door most dare to enter while what society deems as forever and ever is just the surface of reality. More is much more than the common soul can reason; we stand alone and so alone when it comes to the breath of fresh air we desire so much. Oh what loneliness the pure at heart must wear in the face of humility; the miles we walk in the shoes of others. I feel your script from start to finish but there wasn't a door for me to exit. Fine write with a unique finish that left me in the dark of darkness. Was this your purpose? If so I say this was well done by you. Bravo!

The Opposite of Love

Oh, when poets fall in love with poets then and only then will Romeo and Juliet be as real as the rising sun and the setting of grace like the vision of what awaits as the gift of karma! You are an amazing writer that sets my attention on a new level each and every time. Wonderful and very warm yet chilling in its delivery. You're the best. F.E

Would You Believe me?

You are indeed genius!

The Loves We Bury

To change is to protect the heart only for my love of life and another soul needing the hand of kindness; my ability to receive love will never change. Wonderful words expressed so well.


Tender is being all ears and very little to say but most of all knowing the miles of another's shoes. Great write !

A Reasonable Woman

Wow! Wisdom brought its friend called compassion. One can only learn this by humility. It is a pleasure knowing you dear lady. Thank you for all you've ever written. You're a class act. I stand in respect for your courage to say what you've said. My heart is at ease to know there is a heart like yours in this world. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!


Oh to hear the soul of such as you I stand still. May I remain complete in my love for the love of a woman as she tells of her heartthrob for me. When you find love ready to do or die ya better go for it without a doubt; men hear me well. Courage in print.


This my dear poet is called "A State of Being" Knowing who you are on a much higher level while pondering; what is all this about?
You are really good at what you do. Keep on telling it like it is. Sometimes has been at my door as well.

Do You Know it?

Waiting on an "A" train at a "B" station! Oh my, I missed my stop. Love came right on time and I let it slip; was I really looking for love or was love looking for me? When love connects it is a sure shot with nothing missing; fear jumps out the window as doubt pigs out on ice cream. When love arrives they both know that it is forever; yeah ya both know it is the Romeo and Juliet of heaven on earth. Love is the holding of hands with romance. You know love well and it shows in all you say and write. Bravo!

I Still Love You

My love, to be in love with poet to poetry and a heart that dreams of me as I dream of you would tame the inner most heartache I have had to endure. I love because I am love; seeing my parents kiss and slow dance just like young lovers do; oh to be just like them with you. What is in me is what I am made of, flowers picked road-side free just because, window shopping with a purchase because it would look so nice on you. I expect nothing in return; well maybe a smile. I love you because this is all I know my dear love. Wonderful!

And We Call It, "Love"

In love there is strength, respect, compassion, honesty and devotion. We set ourselves out on the ledge to be shot down but the true state of love protects no matter what lies ahead; love covers the not so beautiful side of us all. It is a wonderful thing to love and not find fault in those we hold dear. Love is not a feeling but a realm of life that can only exist where love is allowed to love. We call it love while love calls this lust. You say matters of the heart so well. Nice write.


Before my heart found its way from pen to paper I took several glances at my sleeve; there I found your photograph eyes closed. Logic took over at the expense of my aching soul and while remembering the wisdom of past loves I got over the songs sung off key. You were always a solo kind of heart to heart sort of being; looking north and a kite without a string to secure. It was I that let the cord free; you just didn't have time to notice just how free I had become by parting. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful way of saying thank you for passing me by. Great write!

October Skies

Beautiful display of a kiss I once had the pleasure of beholding, the time and place was in the month of October; I was glad to be someone that was loved. This write is one that comes to heart because it is time for it to arrive; to the pen to the pad.
Very well expressed and one that holds dear to my heart. Thanks for the sharing.


And it seems that the trials of life being both sour and bitter can produce such great writers and poets; you are second to none. I learned what it took to produce a diamond, a gem worth more than light years could afford. Pressure lots of pressure and when time let discovery come to grips with what had to be a rainbow of empathy was born. "INTROSPRCTION" speaking for as many too ashamed to take that first step. Many know while so many just can't say at the moment; you give us strength. Thanks for the return, thanks so much. Most respectfully yours, F.E

The Girl Who Married Her Secret

My silence shall be golden. I kiss the plam of your hand and with a gentle hug I simply listen. Walked several miles in the same shoes and like the black keys on the piano a bit grim yet making things complete, to grow, to learn, lifting ones self up by grace and the gift of forgiveness. Everything new in life as this time we are able to protect and grow stronger setting the pace and direction of the proper ways of life. I set my secret free five years ago without regret; they must reap what they've sown. To be brave is to be you. Thank you for the path that many have traveled but dared not to reveal. May happiness and joy fill your morning cup forever.

A Corner Full of Rags

Oh how well I know of this act of the world eating its young; so to speak. It had to start with some kind of selfish act that kept being swept under the rugs of dirt and filth; the kind of life people pay to view behind closed doors. The young, our tomorrow without the touch on love and kindness and as an adult I feel the shame and the pain that every human being must share before setting out to change all that will destroy what was once great to a pile of matter not worth the mention. Knowing more than most people will ever experience because I once worked with the children left behind to do for themselves. Oh what a mess we've made! Great write for the heartfelt and lovely for all mankind. Thank you.

My Lover ...

You write the love that is yet to come; so have I been doing for years. They are being formed and so are we to fit the bill on both ends; we give and take and so do they. If only is a missed train that was not ours for the taking; a "A"train at the "B" station is of no value to the true at heart but all those magical moments one desires will be under the Christmas tree this time around this year. This poem is like talking to myself for I live for ture romance; an art that has been swept under the rug. Thank you for the wine and song and lets not forget that smooth slow dance that seals the deal! You are the best ever.

Italian Sodas in Thirty Four Flavors

Yeah, the ride of a road map drawn by others as I special one knows this is the plan of others; his own vision lost at sea. What one should be as directed by the world of worlds ought to be considered a major crime. The pressure of the left hand fighting it out with the left is no more that ice cream without the cake; a pleasure but no real joy. To be or only seen as being one that fits in isn't the question anymore. Let life live and it will give a great reward if left to be; free and willing to share. The best play lines in a clever way that held my attention from the start to finish. There stood a passion that seemed as if it was from mother to child and without a cloud in the sky smiled as the sun could only shine as if to wipe the tears away. Genius!


Brilliant! When we walk alone it is the beginning of another chapter to come; full of the wonders of living. I would think that if the path was known then this would not be much of an adventure; it's like the first kiss hoping we nail it. The hearing of the unseen fills ya full of hope; something great is about to happen. What a fun and wise write.

I Know It

For in this age of time and uncertanity only the lovely at heart could find this road of life without liberty to be all the goodness placed in mankind yet he refuses to deliver what he was formed to be. You have expressed this very well and painted a vivid picture whereas each one of us must take a moment to check ourselves to find if this shoe fits or not.There is a great amount of humanitarian suffering due to the self-centerness of people today who seen to be into the one in the mirror. This great write says it all in a way that is powerful but not to offend, out of passion while lacking all forms of disrespect, spoken in courage even if others wish to disagree and I respectfully acknowledge your love for life as well for all mankind. You are indeed a great writer! Much respect given here. Thanks for the posting.

Bridal Veil

The spirit of love has no knowledge of what cannot become for the gift of love has no shame or ending; the meaning of forever and ever. Great write!

In My Dream Tonight

Without shame, as so many others attempt to express while coding the truth. You've said all that should be spoken in hope that love responds in kind; I love this freedom you reveal. I've dreamed as well while I create her to my liking yet being careful as to not rob her of being herself, free to love be as I should cared for. "In my Dream Tonight" has a clever but a sincere bell that tolls for those brave to love and tell the world the pleasures thereof. This by far one of the most love stories I've read in ages. You are a great writer of matters of the heart. Thanks for sharing.