Woman on the turn

My life is racing with time

Iím running
beyond the boundaries of this world
behind the turn
of love and death

On the walk I wobble like willows
crying in the abandoned park
nature blows up with colours
Itís free like a wind
Men come and go
In an empty house everyone is a stranger
I donít want to run without You

I turn
into the tunnel
without exit

Poetry by Anna Banasiak
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Written on 2018-09-23 at 17:18

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France England
I took a seat many moons ago gave time its welcoming hello several times. Trotting as a fox, my tail truth or dare; I hold my breath. Weak from overexposure as my shame drinks from the fountain of my eyes. April and May play hide-and-seek with logic versus wisdom; involuntary heartbeats and dried roses bookmarking. Maturity pays a visit and with a bruised ego soon exits and this unfamiliar shadow can't dissmiss what's rightfully ours; I remain still in the breath of your air. This is my comment expressed poetically as a result of your heart to pen to pad. Your brilliant way with words deserve so much more than the status quo and handshake. Men do come and go but a true gentleman takes a seat accepts the offer of coffee or tea and listens to the seldom sung songs of one's heart to sleeve. I heard you and felt the weeping of your willows passing by. You are a genius! Thanks.

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Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
I prize especially the lines about the willows.