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26 years old

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And Maybe, Just Maybe

This sentiment of longing is so relatable and in many ways ou're. It filled me with nostalgia-- the unadulterated adoration you feel for someone, before you notice any flaws, when you think, they're just perfect to me. Beautiful.


This reminds me of Regina Spektor's song, "Fidelity," where she mentions always having one foot on the ground. Shying away from the risk of giving love to those who might return it, keeping that safety net, keeps us from getting hurt. The trepidation and frustration really comes through here. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Ne Obliviscaris

The tone of this is so mystical and melancholy-- it made me think of the past and what I long for. Evocative; thank you for sharing!

Midnight Eyes

The tension of the standoff is very engaging!