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Small Stanzas

Grace through light is warmth bringing life.

Thank you, again, for each word. Lovely...

Today Has Its Own Smell

You brought to mind the smell of my momma's kitchen. The aroma's of fried chicken, fresh green beans, and cornbread all being cooked on a Sunday after church. That's my childhood full of wonderful smells and carefree days. Today, what do I create for my grandchildren as I have no kitchen of my own. The aromas will be occasional baked cookies or peanut butter fudge made in their mother's kitchen by me and them together. And what of tomorrow's aromas? Not so many I suspect. Your poetry takes me on a journey. I love it.

Salem Hospital Interfaith Chapel

You opened the scene up for me so vividly. Ah, so peaceful, so inviting, so filled with innocence and love. I saw the light shining through the stained glasses windows. Did you mention those? I've been transported into a most lovely time and place. How about the wooden pews, the aromas from the kitchen, my favorite Sunday School teacher? I see her too. Thank you Thomas. God Bless you.

Full Scan Needed

Well, prophylactics profoundly needed in all areas of Cyberville connections is a suggestion. I'm sure you you'll agree. Thanks for the informative, poetry. :)


There is strength in your words. Like a circle made whole, it is complete. Coming together from beginning to end, united, never-ending-- a continuation of discovery!

The spectrum of life (thanks to Ashe and Mr Williams for the inspiration)

A beautiful poem, a beautiful message, a beautiful truth!

Nativity Star

The Light, the Truth, and the Way is beautiful poetry. Thank you for such an awesome testimony of the birth of the Good News.

E.T. in the Shed

I love this! How does it all turn out? You've got me hooked! :D

You once existed

The longing is very well expressed and beautifully written. There is warmth and comfort in these words.


This is very hopeful! Thank you!

There is no X in Christmas.

Thank you for remembering the Christ. This is a lovely poem.

I did find this out years ago about the X because I, too, was concerned about taking Christ out of Christmas:
It turns out, “Xmas” is not a non-religious version of “Christmas”. The “X” is actually indicating the Greek letter “Chi”, which is short for the Greek, meaning “Christ”. So “Xmas” and “Christmas” are equivalent in every way except their lettering.

I hope this better helps you understand. I much prefer the Christ in the word Christmas as I am sure you do. However X does indicate Christ as a Greek letter. :)

The Minstrel...

I love the rhythm, the rhyme, and the subject of this poem as well as the poignancy of its truth. Bittersweet in longing for the simplicity and the goodness of what has been left in the past.
Beautifully written, Liam.

for little sister

The love, the caring, and the desire to share it, is immense in this poem. I feel the deep longing to reach out and to pull in close, but deeper still the respect for choices made. The bond between siblings can be very strong yet strained at times as circumstances and life pull in different directions.
Such a tender and precious account of unconditional and never ending love.

I will not keep asking....

No, I do not know what a rock asks the old waves before the new waves arrive. I can only imagine. :)

Why am i scared?

There is much sacrifice, pain, and truest love in every descriptive phrase. I had chills from this. That hasn't happen to me in a long time. So pure in its purpose. Painfully and honestly beautiful.

Let Love Be

This brought me to think about the greatest example of love on earth and that was Jesus. He taught us to Love our enemies and our neighbors as we love ourselves. He said that there was no greater love than this-- that a man lay down his life for a friend and he did what he said we should do.

We always get in our own way of love. You are right, we are selfish and greedy, demanding our own way. We become jealous because we suspect others of our own inadequacies.

Thank you for posting such a thoughtful poem.


Beautiful poetry!

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My Pet Acorn by Jamsbo Rockda

Grass Snake

This is awesome! Loving it!

Missing The Sea

Ashe, I really enjoyed this poem and how you described the missing sound. It was wonderful and so perfectly pure. I could NOT hear it. Exactly! The images was fantastic. Loved this!

The fire of truth

So True!


I can just see them. In fact, I can almost hear them! Well done, Ken! :)

Seven Devotional Poems

A very moving compilation. A piece for meditation and reflection. Honest and profound.


There's this place in relationships I was going back to in my mind where I go to empathize. I knew it well. Then I kept reading and felt there was something more, something lost, a transcending of one without the other, perhaps. Almost ghostly. Could it be the slipping away of love or is it, as Ashley referred to, of the mind. Perhaps I'm missing it all together. However, I do know the loss, the anguish, and the sadness coming through from the changes happening and the uncertainty they bring.

Cape Town

Luscious language makes vivid poetry!


I miss it too and I've never been there. You took me there and back to memories of my own and those feelings welled up. A wonderful experience!

I asked you by Ann Wood

There is something quite beautiful here. I really enjoyed this.

Freestate Farm

Splendor! That's the word that comes to mind after reading this beautiful poem. It is full of splendor and I feel it. Love it! bookmarked**

A spark in the dark

This is a beautiful truth worthy of meditation. Thank you.

play ground

I keep reading that first line over and over. It is like a gong, ringing out, for all the innocence that has been stolen in their safe places. Your poetry is powerful, Dee. Every line your write down you strip away the hold, the chains, of that beast had over you. You lash him down instead. You become the victor, not the victim. Your Destiny belongs to you and you Create it every day!

The depth of the Ocean

The metaphor is beautiful and hopeful. It is the breath and swell of freedom.

In Praise of Beautiful things

Everything you wrote, I saw it vividly. I saw the beautiful and I felt it, too. I enjoyed reading this so much, I didn't want it to end. It made me smile and it elated me. I don't know you personally, Sameen, but I feel a pride for you. I'm proud of your accomplishments in the time I've been experiencing your development as a writer, a poet. It is lovely. This is lovely. :) kathy

A Psalm at 3 a.m.

This is so beautifully written, Thomas. I've read it many times. It is very moving. I've bookmarked it.

You sit in the smoke

The truest passion comes when trying to save the one we love from harm. Here you have demonstrated it so well.


Oh Boy! Thank you for this Ken. It made me laugh and enjoy a piece of life. It was delightful. I think I would love to wrap myself up in a quilt made of pieces of life just like this. What a patchwork of warmth that would be. :) kathy

the great dichotomy

This is so heart-wrenching, so familiar, that it evokes memories of both dreams and realities...it calls up desires and fears... and longings for what was and what will never be.
So beautifully written, my heart hurts.

A Love Poem For The New World

This is a beautiful love letter from a most tender and sincere heart. Very moving.

no xscape

Poetry, as art expression, reveals and speaks of the poet's soul but also opens the door for the reader to find their own revelations in order to find empathy or sympathy. After reading this particular poem, I read all you have posted here. I find them all to be your voice sharing such pain in the darkness while you empower yourself again and again. I understand and applaud you in your cathartic journey. Your heart, soul, body belong to you and you are strong in your discovery, recovery, of what belongs to you! Well done!

A Silent Goodbye~In the Tropical Breeze

Ashe, this is hauntingly beautiful and so poignant. I tiptoe around with my words. I dare not write too much upon this canvass, in reverence.


Friendship is spreading love, kindness, and caring through whatever means we have in our hands. It is the act of giving gifts, sharing of what is our best and receiving the best of others. What a blessed world this would and can be if we would only open our hearts to the best of who we are. :) Thanks Ken for reminding us of the possibilities of Friendship!

Tanka the eighteenth

Peaceful assurance. Lovely.

In Shadow and Shade

There's so much longing here. It is visual and it is mystical. This is where past haunts the present. Or, is it the present haunts the past? I just feel deep yearning.

no art in mourning

A very poignant and heart-felt poem. Even in sadness there is beauty in your words.

Tanka the fifteenth

Learning love lessons along the way.


Caring is a great source of unity. I love this.

Without Limit

You have a beautiful poetic voice.

The Lonely Pines weep

This is a beautiful poem. I love the message and the sound of it.

Reading Devkota in a Cowshed

Bibek, I am loving this. I find myself seeking you out. I so enjoy reading you. Wonderful, amazing, delightful reading for sure!


I love trees. Trees have a wisdom about them, especially the old growth trees, tall and wide. They seem to see and know so much. There's a sadness about your poem. We all need to plant more and more trees. They do so much for us and our earth.

E V I L - and you ?

We are not called to forgive the actions but the person.