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Kathy Lockhart

107 years old from USA

The latest comments that Kathy Lockhart has written.

Lonely, Tired, Happy and Worried

I LoVe iT !!

Carabao and Heron

HaHa! I had to look up pictures of a carabao because I didn't know what it was. I actually found many images of them with herons. They must be close pals. :)
I not only enjoyed your poetry, got a chuckle, I learned the name for water buffalo in your part of the world. Poetbay is awesome!

The Old Man by Ann Wood

It takes a very special person to work with the elderly who are sick and suffering with dementia. Thank you for being such a caring person. It is good that you can write about your experiences. Your poem is so very touching written with a sincere and caring heart.

Beautiful day by Ann Wood

You paint such a sweet and serene picture of happiness and love. This was so very pleasant to read. :)

Dark rainy night by Ann Wood

A sweetly sad and soft expression of loss and hope.

City Starling

Dave, this is very moving. This almost brought me to tears. In contemplation, I see not only the adaption forced on the starling but what have we, the creators of all the chaos of our times, have changed about ourselves because how we are now forced or choosing to live. The sores of the bird, the greyness of the feathers, I see as metaphors of our own illnesses of mind and body. Those poor offspring so frail forced to live life as something less is so vivid in my mind as the representation of what we are leaving our own children.
Your ability to write such power metaphorical poetry is a gift and so is your "incidental art." It is good to have them matched together. :)


For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. -1 Timothy 6:10

I guess that pretty much narrows it all down right there and says what you are saying in your very clever poem.

I guess it is not money but the love of it that causes all the nastiness that seems to follow those who seek only it. So if we love it, we surely will have a problem.

I do like it; it helps me help myself, my family,-- and others, occasionally.

f a u t e - d e - M I E U X

There's a lot of confusion in all of this confusion.

F R A U D ..?

These are really great. Repressed memories? That's a subject I could talk about.

t h e - I N V I S I B L E - a l p h a b e t

This says a lot! Powerful!


This is beautiful Christian. My roots are very important to me. I found my ancestry to be increasingly more interesting and important to me the older I get.

Poetry sucks

Sometimes it does suck. Right now it sucks. So, stop!! Pick it up again later. It's no big deal. Go do something else. It will get better. Enjoy your life!

Looking at Your Photograph

Very beautiful descriptive writing. I enjoyed this very much.

spring poem

I missed reading you, your voice, OTP. You make me think and smile and contemplate. I see. I feel. Oops, my heart fluttered.:)


Ashe, I love this! After being away for so long, this is the first poem I have read. This is deeply moving. The visual and the emotional are perfectly matched. I believe this is one of the very best poem I have ever read on here in almost 11 years. Brava!

Looky kooky

This is worthy reading! I love it and needed it. Thank You!!


Very, very affective. The imagery is all encompassing while
the message is so close, quiet, and private. My heart hurts. A very beautiful poem, Ashe. So pure and real.

Cry As They Waltz Me Away

You sure can paint a scene and evoke the feel of the emotions. I could hear the music in my mind and tenor singing the ballad.


Reality and fantasy are both friend and foe for us, I suppose. Coming to full circle in my life, I'm all for the fantasy winning again. However, as your poem so cleverly and astutely reveals, reality does clears things up a bit. :) I so admire your style!

Look Up

That's the answer! I love this adventure and I am looking to the sky for the next flight. Freedom!

After All Has Been Broken

Very touching and so tender while powerful in it's ability to evoke such feelings, memories, empathy, and the physical welling up of tears for me. I so understand this, Ashe. x

La La Land

This made my heart hurt and my mind remember this sadness.

Not hungry

This is very powerful and extremely profound! You've spoke loudly and the world can hear you. I heard your whispers when they were that first thought many years ago. I can only imagine that thought was whispered into your ear...


I get a feeling of betrayal between trusted allies. Hmmm... the body and spirit, perhaps. I like the "voice" of the poem. It is piercing yet sad and lonely. It has power yet it is somehow left powerless. There is a battle of heart and mind, of emotions and wills. I enjoyed the thoughts and ideas this poem evoked. Thanks for sharing.

In Retrospect...

As the mechanics of writing go, this is well done. The emotion, the poetry of the piece, is beautifully expressed. Each of us either as adults, children, parents, and I as a teacher in a classroom of students of children and as a parent, at the time of this horrible event, will carry our lessons and memories with us forever. Politics is a nasty business. It makes enemies and creates lies and incites wars. Young men and women die because of it. Innocent deaths are the result of political games, be they large or small, foreign or domestic.

Mirror Eyes

Poet, I keep reading this. I am apart of it now. That well keeps me coming back for more.

Wild Making

All the visuals are spinning in my head. I feel it and move with it. Wonderful!

The mind I love

This is beautiful and I enjoyed each line. My senses were delighted and thrilled.

= = = S A N S . C O N F I N S

If not that thus be so, then lost all wealth of thought!


I love this poem. I feel like I'm riding a carousel with all it's sounds and lights, visuals, time, space all mixed together with deep emotions.

Stuck in a Groove

This is some cool advice laid down like soft jazz. I like the sound and feel of it. I dig it.


These words written as a love letter are so effective in relaying the total grip addiction has on body, soul, and mind. Having had a personal relationship with two young women who lost their lives to heroin, and loss of self even before their loss of life, I have come to understand the suffering and abuse in such a "love affair." It truly is a one-way street into death. I, too, know of the success of the breaking away and redemption from this addiction as the mother of a son who was deeply so involved and who is now clean and sober. It is ongoing and a battle forever and always waging to win. However, each day it has been won. Your poetry is powerful and courageous. My heart and prayers are with you.

Lives Fall To Earth

This has to be one of the most beautiful expressions, of what is pure love in a time of total despair, that I have ever read. The poetry of this explains and evokes so many emotions.

russia (revisited)

*may appear
Excuse my typo please writing with thumb on my phone. 🙄

russia (revisited)

The bear mat be appear simple but therein lies the power!

Nine Very Short Stories

Holy Sh*t! Please don't take this down! SK doesn't have anything on you. All those people in your head...its must get really loud! Dang! I'm spinning around in this whirlwind of madness and love it. It's that creepy, "Heeeere's Johnny!," American Gothic, sort of magnetic draw that gets me and holds me and makes my skin crawl. I really enjoyed the ride. "Riding On The Storm." I can hear the Doors singing that throughout.

Time (A long time)

I really like and appreciate this. It conjures up so many images and possibilities. What we do,both small and large, effects others in big or little ways--only time can tell.


Blessings! Book Blessings! Beautiful Book Blessings both given and received again and again!


This is good, sweet, and lovely, I saw it all and giggled too. It contagious ya know. :)

northern light

There is so much tenderness in this beautiful love letter. It's the kind that never gets mailed. It's the heart writing such comparisons as these. Heart makes the poetry. The Catherine Wheel has so many meanings--The lights, fireworks really, pain, virtue...

Truly moving.

Ch. 8: Annus Mirabilis

Whenever one of these "continuation poems" comes up, I am eager to read it. I know, knowing me, I get to read all of them again to catch me up. And I do so with enjoyment anew. There's a new character name here, Rebecca. And a daughter/niece? Hmmmm. What about that line where it stated nothing was accomplished? And the wholesome reference? I'm wondering about all this. What's coming and what's going? I'm waiting!

Haiku for human ingenuity

A twist on haiku and The Big Bang Theory.

Why Night is Late

This is so lovely. I feel a frost, a Robert one, when reading this. :)

the slums of broken homes

Each time I read this, it was as though a slide show was flashing across my mind. Your words created powerful images. Which evoked so many thoughts, memories, and ideas. I really like this Thomas. Thanks for sharing here.

P O S H * A R E A

Perfect Truth!

This Grey Evening

There is a soft sensuality so serene and sated. The beauty of it all is painted through word pictures like misty veils. Very artfully done.

judy nails

I get it. I know that feeling. It's like an appetite left unfed. For me, it's a gnawing in my gut and a pain in my heart. A physical and emotional experience sparked by anything really. A picture?A song? A smell? Poetry! I am once again truly affected by your writings. I am glad I visited here today.

29 and a half

This cracks me up Thomas! Maybe you could start giving your age in months. That should mesmerize them for awhile. HA!

Homeward Bound

Forrest Gump said that sometimes there aren't enough rocks. I say sometimes there are not enough words. There aren't enough words to adequately express my thoughts and feelings on this poem. The great visuals stimulate my emotions to overflowing. And the moral I gleaned from it can be stated in this quote from Harper Lee in her novel, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

Mynah Birds

I count myself lucky to be a member of this site. There are so many wonderful, talented poets/writers here sharing their art. It's like walking through a museum without ever having to leave my home. The finest artist may be unknown to the multitude, but gathered here on this PoetBay, reading and writing their thoughts and dreams, are our own amazing poets! This is another wonderful addition to our Museum of Poetry.