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The Game

A very sensuous metaphor.

Dream walk

Yes, the world appears to be out of control, Dee Dee. Sometimes the only place we can find peace is in our dreams. Your poem tells of that so well. The search for something beautiful, calm, strong, and hopeful is worth dreaming about.
I wish you Peace,

Soul fire

Oh, this is very powerful. If this is real, I hope you get away from this right away. kathy

This Hour and What Is Alive

Your words are magic as they have the ability to transport me not only right into the scene, but fill me with the emotions, sounds, scents, tastes, of everything around and in the character. I become the character. I live through this one who moves at the will of your thoughts. Excellent!

Gone And Forgotten

Oh Helen, this is so sad for everyone involved.
It is as you stated in the topic status: "sorry state of life"
The bleakness is overwhelming and powerful!
Your writing is perfection.
hugs, kathy

I Remember You

This letter is heart breaking but a beautiful piece of poetry telling of a silent, unrequited love lost so tragically. Such a tender and honest telling of events opens this to all to grasp the haunted grief that still remains. Wonderfully painted with words. kathy

Life or Death?

This is a great poem, Ashe.
I believe all have contemplated the unknown of what's over the horizon, the unseen.
All of us will face it.
Life is still a mystery for we never know what tomorrow will bring to say the least.
And death, well that door is open to the faith or belief of the living, until death shows us different.

Thanks for sharing,
kathy :)

Haiku for domestic bliss

a perfect solution-solving the puzzles of life, together. :)

Green girls

This is magnificent! it is beautiful and sad, strong and defeated, alive and dead. It is a overcoming and powerful, redeeming metaphor. I love this!

My Barren Infinity

This is a very powerful poem. There is much to consider and think about. The depths are dark and deep. Thank you for posting this on Poetbay. kathy

She's So High

I danced all through this. Such beauty and light. Thank you for posting. It was a delight. kathy


It is a haunting without an answer. It is a grieving of sorts. The unknown is hard to deal with. I hope writing gives you some relief. I hope your friend will somehow contact you again, Ken.
You are in my thoughts. kathy

Driven by Cause, not Money

Very well expressed. Without a good cause there is no good quest.


oh, this is lovely!


feelings is the spirit
mind is the brain
We need them both to fill in the holes.


wonderfully done.

The Flavors Of Love

Yes, we need the Living Water! Beautiful!

The Clouds

This is soaring in my spirit!

furry philosophers (tanka)

Excellent and delightful! Almost better than a Hot Fudge Sundae. :) kathy

A Kitten

Hi Anna,
Your poem, I am reading as a metaphor and I sense a darkness through out. From the capturing and enslaving of the young kitten to mind control, this has me thinking you are not really speaking of a cat but of a human or humanity. Capturing the innocent and enslaving them for self interest is cruel and wrong. I wonder if you are speaking of child trafficking or abuse.
Perhaps I am projecting myself into this. However, I do get a sense of the dark and evilness of what goes on beneath the light of truth.
Thank you for posting this poetry. Please enlighten me about the message. Thank you again. kathy

Confusing Way of Knowing

We don't always have all the answers to our problems even when we try to fix them as best we can. Sometimes we might think quickly to give answers without thinking of the results or the practicality of the suggestions.
Your last two lines:

"There are wheels inside of wheels
To my confusing way of knowing"

are what wrap this up in truth. We are complex and so often are our problems. The wheels inside of wheels speaks to me of the connections of our actions to the effects they create. Sort of the pebble in the pond theory.

I do so enjoy your poetry. I find it always unique, thought provoking, at time humorous and always intelligent.

Thanks for posting, Dave.
We are blessed to have you on Poetbay.

Mallory's Ghost

I really enjoyed this Chris. I love the form, the language, and especially the subject matter. What an adventurer he was. I want to believe that he reached the summit and was on his way down. I'll just cling to that. :) kathy

How Are I?

Helen, I agree with Ashe.

When you have an invisible illness it is very stressful and when docs dismiss you, it can be very frustrating to say the least. Autoimmune diseases are often invisible and hard to detect. Sometimes we have to be proactive when it comes to our health and do research on our own. I hope that you will find a physician who will work with you to find the source of all your symptoms so that you can find treatment and relief. Thank you sharing here today. Much love and care sent your way, kathy

Star Man

This beautifully warm and tender, lovely and sensual poem sways so softly. It moves perfectly with the words. It leaves me with a sigh. Wonderful.

a modern woman

I am reading this over and over and over becoming apart of it and it apart of me. I live in it. I see it and feel it. I am it. There is so much tenderness in these lines and respect for all the lives of the characters. You built a whole world in such a short poem/story. You have me in tears because this touches the heart. Beautifully done. kathy

Tall story 4

Oh lord! you've done it again! I'm giggling at your cleverness and wit. :) kathy

Moves Like Jagger

Dang! This is an amazing and impressive poem that has me smiling and eager to learn about the people I don't already know of. And thinking of people, the pop song that comes to mind as a response to your topic intro is this:

People who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world

Peace to you, kathy

Open Notebook Resting on a Porch Rail

I love this!

a thought

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry because tomorrow we have to go to work. The weekend is over?

2. Snarky Sonnet upon a Reformatted Relationship

Well, I've read you sonnets backwards. But, I've got the picture.
Your poetry skills are strong and witty. The "love" sonnet has been used quite well in these three sonnets. Sing on poet. Sing with your pen.

3. "Love Me Little, Love Me Long"

nicely done and so true.

1. Music

I do love reading a sonnet. This is delightful.

The Gift

Bibek, I would say that you definitely have a gift of writing. You bring passion alive from words. You create and breathe life into characters with your written words. You can inspire and inflame emotions with your writing. You take your readers on adventures, into situations, and along all kinds of trails, streams, by-ways, and roads to find life as you see it, live it, dream it, or want it to be. I believe you are a meant to write, not just for yourself, because you must, but you are meant to write for the rest of us as well.


I am loving this!

The Last Goodbye

This is beautiful in every way.

Two Poems on Love

This is great writing, Bibek.

Tall Story 3

My eyes are rolling as I am chuckling and shaking my head. This is just what I needed. Thank you for these 3 Tall Stories. Somehow you made this world make sense again. :) kathy

Tall story 2

Come what may, I'll swing from the trees, fly the coop, or take a walk on the wild side. It's all about this big adventure of life!

Tall story

Oh Boy, I am undone!
My brain just did some flip flops or maybe it was flapjacks at the diner for dinner. You made me laugh and that's always good eats!

In memory of Ashley Gail Fay by Ann Wood

So sorry about your beautiful Ashley being taken so young. I know it breaks your heart and the hearts of all who loved her. The wonderful hope of faith you share with her is seeing her again in the beautiful eternal life to come. May God keep you and give you peace in remembering the good and fruitful times you shared while she was here with you and the joy of your reunion in heaven. Thank you for sharing your heart. kathy

Tomorrow in the Distance

I'm going to use my hippy-dippy 70s lingo here and say, "Far-out, Man. This just blows my mind, dude!" I've been studying on this and I think you'll just have to call me by my new commune name, "Tomorrow," because I'll be at a sit-in contemplating this for awhile.
This is crazy good! I love it!!
Thanks for posting it. T. :)

a summer place

pure perfection

jean toomer

I love books; fiction, poetry, biographies. They are gifts of escape where our minds, our spirits, can travel away from the confines of these bodies and just be. Music helps me do that too. I can relate, as you can tell, because I just told you.
You will leave your gifts as well. :) kathy

No Light Task

I have been on a journey because of this poem. It took to the past, into the pages of history I never knew and I learned many things, very interesting things, I wouldn't have known that I'd missed. I am satisfied and I am hungry. One thing I can do is I can read and I love it. I am going to read Moby Dick. After reading a passage concerning Stubb's dream, I am hooked (unintentional pun). I know of Queen Mab now, too, and even how Mary Shelley fits into all of this along with her monster.
Besides all of my self-interest, I am overcome by your pen and its ability to write to the soul. Thank you again. kathy


Words can be more powerful than almost anything. These words create the physical, affect the spiritual, and work the mental. I am left fully involved. Thank you. kathy

Daybreak to Twilight

This was a sweet retreat for me to read. I spent time with it and read it over and over. I loved it. Thanks Dave. Twas a sweet retreat worthy of repeat thus shall I tweet. :) kathy

UP FOR THE CRACK! (with due thanks to in'kwa & his work 'Dawn')

You're a very cracking clever crafter, Ken! :)

Powerful Gossip

Ha! Very visual and aptly applied.

Blown Away

This is very pleasing in so many ways. I enjoy all the lovely pictures you have created. It is truly uplifting, indeed.

A Young Woman of Boston

Wow! What a picture!