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My Lonely World

Pain consumes my dark, dim world
Trapped in despair, my cries go unheard
Time slips away yet still remains,
My aching heart, my soulís disdain

Could misery surpass that of all hope
Will no one see my bleeding soul
Now locked inside my living hell
The one my mirror reflects as my shell

Perhaps this peace I desperately seek
To satiate the void down deep
Comes only through my own demise...
No heads will hang, no tears shall cry

Silence emerge with my last breath,
Not even nature shifts with my death
Iím but a small speck in Godís vast scheme
Or perhaps it seemsÖ.God never
Gave thought to a wretched me

Written by Savanah Little
Tuesday February 27, 2007

Fallen Angel

45 years old from USA