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1. Shirley and Jenny
2. All in a Night’s Work
3. The Goose-less Gander
4. Death of a Sheltie
5. Hernando/Fernando
6. After I Saw Your Lover’s Face
7. The Dementia of Mother
8. On the Threshold of Death
9. By the Bedside, Weeping
10. From Death Does She Part
11. The Fly
12. Christmas Eve, An Irreverent Look at the Possible Beginning
13. Right, Again
14. Empathy
15. The Importance of Pictures 1
16. The Tangled Webs We Weave
17. A Jew's Right / A Jewish Rite
18. A Tip on Circumcision for a Movie–ing Experience
19. Night and Day
20. The Midnight Hour
Mother, hang up the MOUSE; the cat is DEAD!
by NotaDeadPoet

This collection represents a passage from here to there, now till then, good to bad and back again; its heroes are living beings with a sense of caring for others rather than as taking for themselves. It includes playful humor for serious themes and serious treatment of playful scenes.

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