As I continue to dream...........

The Fragrance Of My Knight

Oh gentle, loving, caring Knight
come softly to my room;
push away the gossamer curtains
and let your tenderness bloom.
I need the sweet fragrance of kindness
to fill this place where I cry.
I am a lady who holds a broken heart
and I do not want for love to die.
Could you take it for me and hold it
against your strong and mighty chest?
Would you be so generously giving
as to let me lay my head to rest
next to it as it beats ever so weakly
without much strength to stay alive?
Would you put your arms around us
adding your warmth to help us survive?

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 989 times
Written on 2006-07-01 at 05:42

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Powerfully written as always....

Zoya Zaidi
So much longing,
So much craving,
Of a lonely heart.
Someone is sure to come,
And take away that heart...

Love, xxx, Zoya

Malin Johansson
A very touching poem...
we all search for that man who can protect us from the bad things, let's hope your next knight protects your love :))
Regards to you dear Kathy

very moving poem..
"adding your warmth to help us survive"
how that quote really has a tenderness
true embrace of love that never ends!!
To dream we all do to give us hope!!
hugs xxx

haseen whel
I am a lady who holds a broken heart
and I do not want for love to die.

....I really liked it this one!!!good job!!!
kissess (daughter)

And once he reaches your tower
The walls they will dissolve
Around your smile and joy
His happiness will revolve

Love so tender and blushing for joy
For once, a man, with less to take than give
He will make a palace of dreams and clouds
And in your soft warm heart he'll live....


Inspiring and vivid..great one.

Hi there kathy

with a warm and beautiful dream like this i am sure he is listening some where rgds mike


Knight Dreams
by Kathy Lockhart