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1. A Dreamer's Desire
2. Fairy Tale Dreams
3. Carry Me Baby
4. Love Grew Easily
5. Moon Magic
6. Dreams Are Desires~Waiting
7. Oh Gentle Knight of My Dreams
8. That Wonderful Man
9. Love's Music
10. ~Causing Me To Quietly Sigh~
11. The Fragrance Of My Knight
12. Midnight Dreams of Reality
13. I Shall Come To You, My Love
14. As Palms Sway The Hammock
15. Whispering Dreams Of Love
16. Good Morning Babe
17. Sultry Sleep
18. The Romantic Flame
19. Quivering Heart
20. And Then There Is This...(kiss challenge)

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Knight Dreams
by Kathy Lockhart

dreams become reality

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