You are so welcome (star borne)!

Arts are my world

I am a wizard, I put spellings

who make the words play,

with your brain and mind!

I am a designer, typographer

photographer, webmaster . . .

A passionated disaster!

I paint you a dream world

the idealized view of life!

Where stars and moons are floating

thru lives amazing contribute

where sparkling nebulas created out of

stardust and light, a new era of life . . .

- Hello, Is there anybody out there?

The answer is . . . What can you imagine?

Have you been out in cosmos seeking?

And did you get the right answers!

We are two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl . . .

year after year . . .

- So welcome to the time machine . . .

where have you been?

Its alright we know where you have been!

- Kissing a star and mingle with the moon . . .

. . . and soon . . . you are stardust . . .

floating around in space and time, creating

a new star, so very far . . . away in the system

of eternity . . .

*So welcome!*Beautiful child!* Welcome to eternity!*

Your soul is shining, sparkling so bright,

and cosmos is swirling around your thoughts

So welcome, sweet *star Borne child*

Welcome to eternity, free as a thought

and pure as a dove . . .

*Kissing the sky, my oh my . . .*

Cosmic winds is blowing in our minds,

times they are changing . . .

You are a space traveller out of time!

oh *star Borne child*, face the facts

we are sister and brothers up on a blue sky

And eternity is our home . . .

so twinkle my sweet sweet *star born child*

you are sparkling for the future

Beyond a new horizon were living at last

and the hologram message, Ive got it at last

and it tells me . . . you are on your way!

So welcome to outer space!

Sweet *star born child* . . .

Welcome! You are finally home

oh you *star born child* . . .

Welcome home!

Poetry by Dan Cederholm
Read 495 times
Written on 2006-10-07 at 10:48

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Zoya Zaidi
Oh, am I home already?

**hugs dear Dan, for a very thought
provoking piece!**



Blowing in the wind
by Dan Cederholm