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1. Open up your senses
2. Moon - Rabbit
3. We can see your house from here!!!
4. Who are we (DNA code)?
5. Sunshine our lifeline
6. Philosophy versus performing
7. Elements of life part 1 (my contribution to Zoya's- Aliena' s element challenge)
8. Elements of life part 2 (my contribution to Zoya's- Aliena' s element challenge)
9. Feather of Hope
10. Donít give up! (This Funeral blues, for everyone)
11. Cosmos is our Cathedral . . .
12. Talking to mirrors!
13. To all of you seekers, youíve got mail!
14. Andromeda, your guidance and help
15. The wind that surrounds me . . .
16. You are so welcome (star borne)!
17. A star is born
18. You can wish what you want!
19. The rings of Fire, Water and Air
20. Hey there everyone!

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Blowing in the wind
by Dan Cederholm

Thoughts about eternity and life . . .

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