This was from the begining a comment on Kathy Lokharts poem
"God is like the wind . . ." and Kathy promted me to publish it!!!
So thanks to you Kathy!!! Sincerely Dan.

The wind that surrounds me . . .

And I lift my head facing the sky

the air that surrounds me

every little atoms, is you Lord

every breath I take. is YOU

every little step, I do it for YOU

because it's You who surrounds

and fill me up every little inch

bit by bit, I walk in strength

not by myself, the creation

made by You GOD . . .

Poetry by Dan Cederholm
Read 492 times
Written on 2006-10-09 at 18:11

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Kathy Lockhart
Beauty needs to be shared. Thanks for sharing this! : ) kathy


Blowing in the wind
by Dan Cederholm