You were born with theologies around
Ruling what you think and have in mind
Misunderstandings were truly there found.

You never questioned and just accepted
What voices said not to be neglected
You were punished by so called Godís rejected

You were refused to touch and be caressed
You never knew your bigness to withholding
You were belittled and weird through your concerning

You asked me for a chance
And you quelled through this storm
And you saved your heart safe and warm.

And I fell in love with your freak dream
To some precepts youíre supposed to redeem
Going downstream

Your feelings were always in a cage
Scared and threatened to be so free
Feasting on scraps sadly to age

The transcendent wisdom of emptiness
Against what could be right or wrong
You deepened your belief and loneliness
You didnít long

And I supported you in your questions
And I accepted all your non-cessions
And I feel in love with your wild dream
Breaking the holy scheme

And youíre so sorry to yourself now
Hiding love and wish somehow
Itís a new feeling you embrace and vow.

And if you give up on your powerlessness
I will be there to be your endlessness
Figuring out it could be your happiness

Self-protections have overprotected
When you are unapologetically
Thrilled to be overjoyed and be wary
When you are really shy and scaryÖ

Poetry by Edgar J. Jackson
Read 107 times
Written on 2017-12-07 at 03:54

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Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
I find this very touching and I hope she can see the way. She must have gone through so much to be so afraid. Lovely poem.