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All in a day

At one point I had no doubt that you love me,
I seemed certain about the future,
Every disturbance was negligible,
The birds melodies meant so much,
The sun remained the warm witness,
And the wind, the courier of lovely messages.

At another point I doubted my love for you,
I questioned my motives and suspected foul play,
The heart and mind functioned antagonistically,
The sun felt to hot for my liking,
Birds melodies proved to be some sort of allergy,
Peacefulness and tranquility were elusive.

My life used to be turbulent,
A true sea-sow ride it was.
My thoughts changed with every minute,
Emotions yo-yoed,
All the while,
My love was being refined.

Poetry by Advice
Read 93 times
Written on 2018-10-23 at 00:26

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