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I ASKDE ME FATHER! (Work In Progres)

I had the lyrics of a Lancashire folk songs of the 1800's
That came with an album of Lancashire traditional folk songs
My father were a Lancashire-Irish man - with also North Wales connections!
Were born in the town of Tyldesly - now a former cotton and coal mining town
Roughly ten miles from Manchester
Now dad Lancashire dialect - the dialect - dated back to the 1800's
More a language - in my opinion!

The Album - Waterloo: Peterloo - The Critics Group - with Peggy Seeger -label argo

I listand long and engrossed in each song!
Great were my enjoyment - even more great my appreciation of each song
Something were missing!

I asked me father, to read one at least one to me
Father being the dad he were - indulged me!
The song I asked dad to read were; The Four Loomed Weaver
Now it took my father four attempts to read the song
He kept braking down into tears - you need to know to understand - the family History of the times

Dads mother had been a four loom weaver
Grand Joe, family were dependent on the little wages there mum brourt home!
Dads oldest sister, Mary, took her brother, David, to the mill, so mum could Brest feed him
His father were out of work - it were the hungry 30's (1930's)
Grandad Joe, had been black listed - he'd been an organizer of his pit - the coal miners!
During the miners strike of 1926 - on returning to his pit - Granddad Joe told:
'' There be no job for thee Williams! '' - he were out of work for - NINE YEARS!
Grand Joe, got mad - BUT - he channeled - his anger!
Organized his fellow unemployed - organized hunger marches - though he'd
Left half his lung behind in France - Joe - marched - till he collapsed - exhausted!
Granddad - Fought back - though the odds were against him!
Stood for the local town council as an independent - he did not favor any party!

He had no money - he were skint!
BUT - grandad Joe - had his supporters - just as skint as he!
So had no leaflets to hand out!
Among his supporters a pal who could draw - rather well!
So on the pavements his pal - drew horses - each with the name of the candidates
Romping home - were the horse - carrying - Joe!
With the slogan - Joe Williams first past the winning post!
Children - organized - sang: '' VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR JOE WILLIAMS!

Now the National Labour Party - were not happy - the fact - worried - BIG TIME!
So much so - they had the local M P - stand against our Joe!
The resorting our Joe - failed by a SINGLE VOTE - to win the seat on the
Tyldesly Borough Council!
Joe - cared on the fight all the same - fighting for justice - fighting for -
ALL the down trodden of his home town!
In his time of being an organizer of the local unemployed - he were fearless!
At the time - the construction of The Great North Road started
The unemployed were given a few months work - depending on The Labour Exchanged - deciding just who would be offered a job on construction work!
One of Joe's members were denied a job!
Our Joe - went to the Labour Exchange - pushed past the men on the counter
Pushed past the exchanges manager - Joe were about 5 feet 7 inches tall!
Weighed in at about 10 stone!
A giant of man all the same - a man - no one messed with - fix any man
With the glint of steel in his eyes!
The manger demanded of our Joe: '' What thee doing hear, Mister Williams? ''
'' Thee have denied one of my members a job on the Northan road! ''
'' I'm hear to find out why! ''
Our Joe, then went strait - with further a do - to the files!
Leaving the manager open mouthed!
Joe's, member got his three months on the Great Northan Road!

After nine years refused any employment - Joe, given the offer work
On the parks and gardens of Tydlesdly council
Those still out of work - called Joe a - Traitor!
To call Joe a - Traitor - is to - be WAY WAY OFF THE MARK!
World War Two had broken out - soon conscription - came a calling
The head gardener - called up
The council asked - Joe - to do the head gardeners job!
Joe, said - '' aye - I'll do his job! '' ; '' for his rate of pay! ''
''Nay, lad, we cant pay his rate of pay! '' ; '' You've, nay have city and guilds! ''
'' We cant posabley pay you the head gardeners rate of pay! ''
Then our Joe, replied; '' Then I'll not do his job till you pay me the going rate! ''
Grand Joe - a man of principle - ALWAYS
ken d williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith

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