Lovely Girl

I went to your place just to hang-out
The way I always do
Somehow, today you were different
But how? I had no clue?

Then all of a sudden you tell me a story
Of how you met this girl
Of how her sweetness and pretty smiles
Just gave your heart a twirl

You spoke of her beauty, her lovely voice
The way she sung so well
You said from the moment you saw her face
You fell into her spell

It killed me how you spoke of her
As if she was "The one"
Like being with her meant the world to you
Without her, life was done

I tried to be happy, I keep a straight face
But inside, it hurts a lot
The more I tried to hold on
The more jealous I got

So on I went just baffling you
Telling a web of lies
About this guy I never met
Who had "the cutiest eyes"

I told you that he asked me out
I named a place we'd go
You simply smile and said "okay"
Like there was something I didn't know

The very next night you called me up
And, oh! to my surprise
You seemed to know that all i said
Were just a bunch of lies

You told me that there was this thing
You had to tell me too
And as I listened I kept understanding
If what you said was true

Through my silence, you poured it out
With a voice as clear as the sea
You told me that your lovely girl
Was no one else but me

Poetry by Mitch
Read 494 times
Written on 2006-06-26 at 00:10

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EmelÚn The PoetBay support member heart!
I keep returning to this one. It is simply so good !

Wow, this gave me chills as well!! I didn't expect the ending, but what a lovely ending it was!!

this was a lovely lovely write !
One could feel the pain and the love.

Amanda Manmohan
WOW!!! This poem gave me chills.... if it's true, then you are an extremely lucky girl!! Very simple, to the point, and wonderful. Boys are so confusing.. lol. Nice write.

Ohhh... I loved this poem, hunny..
wish i was this girl, **wishing, wishing**


A very nice flow and rhythm to this a pleasure to read.

you're really a great poet...keep it up girl!
*kisses* :)

wow! what a splendid poem from you're the "lovely girl"...
I enjoy reading it coz it's really great...."mwahugz" :)

hehehe thanks....

haseen whel
well done! naranasan ko rin nyan!!!good!!!
keep it up!!!kissess

Onyeka Nwelue
This is so exceptional, charming, splendid, explicit and evocative. I loved this from the beginning.

But then, babe, watch it before you slip into love. You write so well.