So i waited too long

The signs she gave
opened my eyes

the unknown beauty revealed
no falling stars
just the glorious eyes talking
Throughout the years
just dreams of infinity

and she walked away...

Poetry by Cr4Ky
Read 426 times
Written on 2005-08-29 at 21:56

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ah yes... waiting too long and catching the signs too late... a painful realization to make when love is concerned... "so i waited to long" = so i waited too long; "glourius" = glorious... minor spelling ;) nice expression... one im sure many can identify to in their own experiences... cant say thats happened to me yet though but i know others who have noticed the signs too late, you know... i enjoyed your poem... i think the conclusion really adds weight to the realization that its too late... very good... thanks for sharing... :f

later... xx