based on another sphere of interests: Totems

The trickster in me

inside my soul of today I glance
hunting coyote The trickster of All
his prey in his mind is Me and one chance
to balance the inner of center: StandTall

come bastard of wolf and learn me to take
your teachings of jokers insight of wounds
and lead me on further for magics sake
I pay you a mountain of blody old bones

like tides are rolling you never give up
though tails are begging you: Hate and do chase!
when steamroller bursts and teach you Watch out!
you simpley burst back and climb a new phase

come bastard of wolf and hear me for now
your lessen is simpley: Watch out or you die
so therefor a gift from a wilderness soul
come live in me always you poor lonley guy

and both of us Red road and Blue road we trust

for wolf of the prairie runs laughing in lust

Poetry by kaisa
Read 436 times
Written on 2006-08-28 at 12:26

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