Dedicated to Father John, who found The Exit first....

''I am the Lizard King I can do anything''(James Douglas Morrison)



In masturbation of puberty,
we walk the shadow walk.
Angels and Demons come alive,
with the lost song of light.
They come with music,
endless dope and sunshine.
Nothing but fakes in the sky.
Endless hours of misery and thought.
Countless argument, about life.
And death, in general.
Small lies to hide the wind,
that comes with truth and honour,
destroying darkness, fear and Passion.

Red, in the colours of the Rainbow sky.
Green, in the heart of the falling leafs.
Blue, in the oceans of Life.

Make a picture,
hang a painting,
marry the stars,
fall in love with the moon,
but whatever you do,
never trust the Dark.

The Truth comes back,
from time to time,
knocks on the door…

I’ve come to deliver, she says.
Deliver you in pain,
happiness and rain.
Wiser you shall be,
with colours of ME.
The mirror cracked,
the gate opened,
distant lights, from far far away,
people looking grim.
Sad of Life,
joyful in Death,
armies of Love,
enemies of Lust,
for the mass,
in their gentle mind.

In the walls of Prison,
Life remains the same.
And in the rainfalls of Time,
I think of chances lost…


Reaching for the sky,
while chained to the ground.
Life is hard on cowards!

The strong survive,
the weak fall behind.
And then they crawl,
trying to explain,
their sins to the stars.

Lust and Greed and others,
I cannot remember,
too white to jump,
too stoned to follow.

The King awakes, and sees…
He whispers the chant of Doom,
the spell of Love, Devotion and Disaster!

And Light will shine,
in every darkest corner of Life,
and colours shall return,
to this Black and White photograph of Time.

Monumental chaos of Thought,
illusions of a broken trust,
delusions of a fool.
White walls of Magic,
round a shell of Red,
and a zipper in Black.

Open, and thee shall find,
thy truth for You.
Beware; there is this Curse,
that follows me,
and comes through Time.
Immortal you shall,
forever wonder,
in to the paths of Life.
Rest shall never come,
to find your sleep,
and make your dreams alive.
Endless pain and suffering,
struggle to survive...
Love shall also have a part,
in this theatre of Lust.

But the things you do for You,
will be the ones remembered.


Always in a rush to go, to flee,
to run into the Sunny Moon.
Whistling a melody,
for resurrecting Love,
evading Fear.
A charm spell,
of the Elder Kind.
An incantation to Light,
a vision of Truth.
Evacuating all forests,
from Loneliness and Pain.

The Last Part,
you keep it safe!
Never share those notes of Sun,
with no one,
never and for nothing.

But every Moon is round.
And in Her music we shall find,
the circle for the Light.



Best selling novels of experience,
religions sold by the pound,
philosophy sprinkled on a cake of Lies.
All They could do was dream…

In the Big Sleep you never Die.
You only sleep, FOREVER.
One partner you can find,
in this timeless travel.
Dreams, that make the Goal worthwhile.
The End,
you reach before you Die.
Which is never,
cause all Life,
exists in Dreams,
and in your Sleep,
RealWorld is Sleeping,
Dreamland is the real world you know.
No controls,
no boss,
just Dreams,
connecting Lives,
arranging symphonies of Plans,
inventing Gods,
Angels and Demons,
spending Time…

In your Sleep,
Create a Myth,
a God,
a Legend.
Pick up your Brush and Paint!
Paint a Picasso,
a Mau net,
write a symphony for Passion,
a lovesong for the trees.
Embrace Your Dream,


I woke up,
everyone still sleeping,
no sound,
no Light,
Better Dreaming than Alone,

Visual fantasies of flesh,
multiple ecstasy,
lakes of tenderness.
A kiss and a shiver,
a breath and a quiver,
juices of life,
in a bowl of Lust,
and fever.

Dreams of Pleasure,
instantenious living,
waiting for moments.
Memories of future.
memories to come,
and disturb the silence.

Revolution of mind,
intitution for flowers,
with a twist of Love.
Thirsty for colour,
angry with Life,
in love with the Dark.
Trees growing on Air,
birds living underground.
No hope for the dumb.
Get up or stay down,
forever fighting,
with You!

Lizards, awake!

Come with a song,
feel a rhythm.
Fornicate under the stars,
dream underwater,
fly high.
Control Fear, Love, Addiction.
Set your Pain free.
Roam in the forests of oblivion.

A reptile’s stroke,
a hiss of Death,
a caress of loneliness.

No more lies,
no more shadow,

The Trip…

Routine lovers,
people hurt,
raindrop eyes,
souls forgotten.
Rotten memories,
illustrating life.
Eagle’s feathers in a cage.

Horny Priests,
chanting religions,
not yet born.
Where is He?
Give us a call,
leave us a message,
show us Life.

Sniffing flowers in a cage,
elevate your rage.
Stomp on Death,
give him a push.
Shove your secrets away,
in a box,
in a bottle,
up your nose!

caffeine and Pain,
gathering of illusion,
in my mind,
evading Time.

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
and in my bed,
Love, is always True.

Bohemian lies,
Jesus on the cross,
skyscrapers falling,
millions lost.

Find the Exit,
press Escape,
run Free,
eat Life.

the colour of Man,
secret ingredient to All,
food for the Soul,
sign of Creation,
signal of Death.

press Stop,
press Play,

Perfect Sounds,
Head Full of Dust,
Writing in Verse,
Killing Time.

Found The Answer?
Keep it for yourself.
Sharing is comparing,
in vain.

Afraid of silence,
scared of thoughts,
running away from truth.
Why sweaty?
Life is full of Dreams,
eternally ecstatic,
copulating with Death,
giving birth to Hope.
You fell in love with misery,
Competition and Lies.
See the truth and think away,
to the other side of silence.

The Wake…

Let’s roam in histories of Old,
engage in battles for Love,
cast aside rhythm less thought,
reach for God.
Cross over,
break through,
take the long way home,
This are the words,
the concepts of Life,
we have to sing,
to see the Light:

(The spell)

We are the children of the Pale Forest,
we seek to see the Light,
we don’t need Power,
we don’t need Gas,
because we know the Truth.
Life is just a Dream,
in the wilderness of Sleep.
We want to break our chains,
bring blood back in to our vains.
We want to break free,
we want to be awake!

Drifting away,
changing form,
turning to dust,
sinking in pause…

Master of dreams,
understanding sleep,
knowing the future,
governing past.
See the soul,
touch the eyes,
waiting for the sun,
at Night.
Anything is possible,
you hold the truth.
You use it well,
and He shall come.
His hands are cold.
Fire within,
whispering wind,
waters of Blue.
He knows Colour
He knows Dark
He knows Love
He changes Hate
He is a She…


She gave birth,
to You and Me.

I am a mother,
I am a wife,
and All,
my Love,
I give to you,
my offspring of chance.



So we start anew,
we can make everything,
nothing is the limit.
There is a Void to fill,
music to make,
lyrics to write,
colours to create.
Emptyness is at our feet!

moments are better lived than hoped.
Make Suns and Moons,
Stars of shapes,
windows to the sky,
neverending Night.

The choice is Ours.
Love it or Leave it.

Wizards and Lizards,
same and apart,
the good and the evil,
the Evil and the Good.

One coin,
different angle.
One war,
never ending silence.
Two words,
One meaning.

The Whole.
We have All,
we live with Nothing,
surviving Darkness,
wondering in paths,
of wizardry unknown,
of lizards never found.

Music of RealWorld silence,
whispering from winds unseen,
from desert ever green,
from sun shines full of Moon,
blood raining underground.
Anything is possible,
when dealing with “Restart”.


. . . THE END ?

Poetry by Lizard King
Read 446 times
Written on 2006-10-02 at 08:50

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Phew. Great write there, but do condense it... shrink it... or post it in parts... (Thats a humble opinion). Welcome to the bay. :)