I was inspired to write after a brief visit to the small town where I grew up - the pain to see the town become a concrete jungle still exists.


Memories - driving throught the streets
when suddenly ,
Screams echo from within and the heart begings to bleed,
Agony eats the living,
People have - Changed -
Born are the anguished tormented fallen souls,
Playgrounds and Parks have disappeared to the concrete jungles,
Inspite - misery despair and poverty strain and envelop the city.

I stand at cross roads,
look around and see,
Poverty all around,
Richness and wealth in highrises,
Neighbours fighting for crumbs,
then I see,
From the rubble strewn around a simple apple is treasured.

As I lay down to rest,
Hopes fade at the end of each day,
And I find,
Misery looms at the rise of each morning,
We hear and read what happens,
Mothers grieve over lost children,
Fathers search in vain,
Clouds rain agony and hatred,
The smell of death is in the air,
we silently watch,
we know what happens,
we are helpless - are we?,
WE can help - will we ? do we?,
Children have nowhere to run,
Playgrounds are non -existent,
Birthdays pass unnoticed,
Babies die in their sleep,

WE see, - we hear -we know,
WE walk away -

Determination is required,

WE can help - we should we must.

Words by shalini asha chopra
Read 468 times
Written on 2006-10-23 at 10:23

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well written

This has the words of a soulful piece, so much tragedy as the world looks on in total blankness, memories yes, but if only.