Something serious to start, still not sure exactly what it's about. It does have a vague connection to a break-up, but I wasn't drawing exclusively on that experience to write this one. As it's a song, the main emphasis was on simplicity.

The Line

Something I learned this year,
After I turned away
And closed the gate behind,
The last time late that day.

Your yard was wild with trees,
I fought to find a way,
By moon back to the road,
Through fields where we had lain.

The coat I wore was caught,
A branch had torn my sleeve,
I felt it hold me back,
But pushed on through the leaves.

I felt that tug again,
And found myself back there,
After months had passed between,
Again my arm was snared.

I pulled away once more,
And then I saw the line.
The thread I tore that night,
Now trailed on ground behind.

The cord winds through my life,
Blue line across this town.
Along the streets I walk,
Still there when you look down.

Poetry by Hillreach
Read 500 times
Written on 2006-12-08 at 20:48

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