Cursed and pranked upon

I used to love waking up early in the morning,
Just to sit outside and watch the sun rise,
And absorb the first of its rays.
I used to love sitting under a tree at noon,
When the rays were just too hot to handle,
And watch birds fly about.
I used to love all these things,
'Til I knew exactly how the birds' lyrics went,
I used to think their song a dulcet one,
'Til I was informed that they sang for courtship,
And that they cursed anyone who closely listened.

I used to love it when it rained softly,
Always wished I could stand outside and have it rain on me,
But never did 'cause of fear of being bedridden,
I stayed indoors and listened to its drumming on the roof,
Watched through the window as the droplets hit the ground,
A fraction of a second separating each punch.
I used to love it when it drizzled for hours on,
'Til I uncovered its hidden mission and agenda,
That at night the clouds sang a lullaby to get me to sleep,
So that in my sleep I may dream of Constantia.
I used to love all these until I listened closely.

I may wake up one morning and declare my love for some things,
Like sitting on the banks of a quiet, peaceful stream,
Or seeing a peacock with its feathers out-streched,
I may say I love all these things,
'Til I listen closely and comprehend.

Poetry by Advice
Read 346 times
Written on 2007-01-25 at 12:52

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An interesting point of view of mother natures gifts Advice, but I don't she pranks us at all, infact we take her glorious offerings for granted most of the time imo. Nature is the greatest healer, just to be in it, amongst the trees and the birds and breathing the fresh air works wonders on my soul at least. I enjoyed your interpretation, but don't believe everything you hear will you?

Smiling at you, twittering away with the birds!lol