ready to die?


lets swim in the blood,
of our self pity.
lets all prepare for the flood,
thats rising from the city.

don't get your shoes wet,
with the blood of your victim.
you don't deserve it,
it was nothing to Him.

don't look at her,
lets watch the criers,
and all of you be sure
to point out the liers.

all that i can say is i love you,
and not mean a word.
i've lost faith in all truth.
nothing more can hurt.

Poetry by Tori
Read 338 times
Written on 2007-01-28 at 03:28

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yes, of course. i'm too young to feel REAL emotions.

betsy Firefly
You're probably right about the hurt in having lost all truth.
Painful and sad, However, you are still young - you have a lifetime to seek, so keep searching for it. You Will find it, Tori.