I'd just like to say, oh, what a meaningless jumble of mis-matched words. This has nothing to do with relationships, love, or any emotion those sappy-dos write about. It is just words of rhythm, not anxiety.


If this is all that changes,
Then let the changes begin.
If this is all you're waiting for,
Then let the waiting end.

When you're running out from the store,
Pushing the grocery bin,
You're feet push on the empty floor,
Are you ready? Let it end.

Troublesome troubadours,
Lovely some, come in.
Even though you don't know,
They'll help too, make it end.

What do you exactly intend?
Just let it end.
Why are you still holding on?
Come on, let it end.
Why won't you RESPOND?

Poetry by Tori
Read 370 times
Written on 2008-07-17 at 20:54

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