another random writing.

Miracle of Dreaming

We ask ourselves why;

The world is round
Racism still lives
Abortion is legal
People are obese
But kids are starving

Then we lay down to sleep
Hazel, brown, blue eyes close
Our thoughts clear

Drift into our own worlds
Atop mountains high and steep

Magic only happens when the eyes are closed
The mind stretches the truth
Imaginations run wild

An orphan becomes queen
Yellow skies and purple grass

Dreams come and go throughout the night
Morning comes and the world is still round
Racism still lives, abortion is legal
People are still obese, and kids are still starving

You wake up and have to face reality
But dreams refresh the mind
They soothe and heal for hours at a time
Until the real world crashes upon you again

Poetry by kaytee
Read 482 times
Written on 2007-02-05 at 02:36

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your poem is full of wisdom and intelligent observation from one as young as yourself. i loved the theme, message and style of this piece....wonderfully written, much enjoyed!