Okay so I had this up before and I took it down... because I was going to put something else up I needed opinions on, but now I can't find it so in the meantime this goes back up :)

As Long as the Wind Blows

It's his screams that break the night,
Her blood that stains the ground.
He runs to her and holds her tight,
But she doesn't make a sound.

He begs for her to speak to him,
As he gently smoothes her hair.
He cradles her and whispers,
Yet all she does is stare.

He takes her wrists and wraps them tight,
To try and stop the flow.
His only comfort that he can feel
As her breath still blows.

She looks up and cups his cheek,
And she too starts to cry.
She whispers that she's sorry,
As he looks to the sky.

He tells her don't be sorry,
He begs her not to leave him.
He whispers that he loves her,
And that the lights can't dim.

He knows he loves her way too much
To live on if she goes.
No matter where she goes he'll follow,
As long as the wind blows.

Poetry by Surreal
Read 632 times
Written on 2007-02-18 at 23:20

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I'm bawling. Seriously. It's absolutely wonderful. Inspiring. Thank you for blessing me with such an amazing write.