I'm not sure when I wrote this one... It's sort of about when I was still in depression/self-pitty mode, and my dad was watching the news and... yeah. This was the result.

Breaking Point

Please don't let this be the same,
Just let this be another test.
Don't continue the reoccurrence,
For once just vary from the rest.

I don't want to see tomorrow
What I saw today.
I know I've said it much before,
But it becomes truer every day.

The sights grow worse by the moment,
Despite trying not to see.
I've lost more than you could know,
But will the next be me?

That would be my breaking point,
If that's how this would go.
If I lost myself after everything else,
That would end this show.

Poetry by Surreal
Read 596 times
Written on 2007-02-25 at 17:47

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betsy Firefly
How fortunate to be able to 'see' the 'aha-moment'!Tthat moment of Truth that the Evil One would rather not have you know!

I'm glad you're alive and anf sharing with us!