This is a prologue to my 'not so short' novel. I hope you will enjoy

The Log: Prologue

Lightning has divided the sky. For a split second the only thing I could hear was the sound of thunder. After that, everything slowly came back - the rain, my unstable breath and the breaths of my chasers. During the flash, I saw their faces. All of them were looking angrily at me or to be exact on the hollow log in my hands.

I was standing on a clearing. I did not know whether the Sun had just set or was still above the mountains as it was raining ever since I have decided to escape from the Secret Order. I had doubts whether I did the right thing when they started the hunt for me but now I know that a cult like ours should be destroyed. The horrors... I saw them in my mind until the end...

Another lightning had split the sky and I again saw the ones hunting me. There were 12 of them - the whole Sacred Order. I was the 13th. All of them pledged not to reveal what is happening within the Order to the outside world. To make sure that no one would say anything, they had made a promise to the Elder. All of them, including me, promised to be silent for all eternity. To make sure that all would keep the promise, they had cut of our tongues. The Elder did not trust anyone, even himself, and thus he also took his speech organ. I saw it with my own eyes as he cuts of his own tongue. When I recall it now, I think that I was insane to give permission to do this operation. People start to realize what was good only after they lose it.

Another flash, a longer now. The Elder was facing me, with his face full of rage. He raised his arm and opened his hand in a gesture of handing over my possession. I refused. Everyone should know what are they praying to, what is it that the kingdoms gold goes for. All must know the nightmares which creation they have initiated. I know that I will die anyway but I will manage to reveal the truth.

The fourth flash revealed her face. I never forgot the purity of her silent smile, the warmth of her heart and the cruelty of her deeds. She was standing behind the Elder holding something in her hand. I saw her eyes - full of fear and sorrow. I knew what she wanted to do. I waited.

A bright light split one of the trees nearby, but that was enough for her to act. The bomb that she had thrown under the Elderís legs exploded, blinding everyone around him. I closed my eyes as soon as I heard thunder. The others, unfortunately, were not so smart and now they will not only be silent but also blind. I envy them, as most of them will not see the demon spawns created in the Order. Yet I pity them, as the mind is far worse than the senses. When they will hear the screams then they will understand.

We ran through the forest. The rain was pouring down on our faces. I knew exactly that some from the Order were not blinded by the flash and were surely chasing us. I was afraid and thrilled at the same time. It is amazing how good can people feel when adrenaline rushes through their vanes. What if I could transfer it? NO! I will not think like them, I shan't kill animals and human beings just for the urge of gaining knowledge.

When we ran I felt everything around. In my left hand I felt the warmth of her skin. In the right hand, I felt the coldness of the log. It all started with this and will end with this. They cannot get it back. It is mine and I will not give it away. I would rather die than give it back. My wish was about to be heard.

We stopped upon a giant cliff. There was no time to escape, as the four of the Sacred Order surrounded us. I have heard every breath on the cliff. I watched as our oppressors were slowly walking towards us. I also felt the cold and wet surface of the log. I was felling its shape when I came to a little curving. The symbol I knew very well. I knew the meaning for many years, ever since my mother wrote it on my hand on the day she died. I have decided.

I knew then that we would be forgotten but the public will find the truth. We did not have any choice. I looked in her eyes and I knew that she felt the same. We would die together like lovers. That was the moment we jumped.

I am now falling down the cliff. I hold her very tight so that we will not be parted - even after death. I saw rocks moving fast no the side of the cliff and the ground becoming bigger every moment. Now I noticed one most important thing - I have released the log. It strangely fell faster into the shallow water and floated down the river. Now itís our turn - We will be crushed into peaces. This is our moment of salvation. We will be free of the horrors once and for all.

It is the end. As the rumors told, when it is all over, you see a tunnel and a light at the end. But this feels strangely familiar. Why?

Short story by Vestius
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Written on 2007-02-27 at 00:01

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well it is meant to be that way ;) if u like it than check out my blog for more.