Youíre so fucking popular just because youíre that god dammed hot;
there are so many sweet things I would like to say to you, boy,
but I do not urge,
since perhaps,
you gonna like it,
you gonna like me,
then what a hell should I say to you?

You could think I got what it takes to truly love you through the night,
but how can I care for someone I hardly dare speak to,
nor less explain my feelings for,
since the time always seems to choke me voice,
whenever I would like to speak,
about my belief,
throughout the short moments I got?

You really got me now, and I could sleep forever,
and I truly might sleep forever,
by your side or not,
soundless then,
but what if you like it,
what if you find me attractive,
how can I possible handle that with style?

You see I canít hide my feelings for you anymore,
not for your pretty little face,
nor I like to,
so why do I keep bind myself up,
as a lost soul,
on the run for love,
is this perhaps the reason why you keep gazing funny at me?

Youíre so god dammed sweet over there and as I recall now,
you observed every move I made,
I remember by my thoughts,
perhaps I should let you like it,
perhaps I should let you like me,
if I just could sleep forever,
forever in your arms, boy

Poetry by Ole Petter
Read 385 times
Written on 2005-11-02 at 00:42

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