The Part of You in Me

I want to study psychology
but don't want to pay
so I study you
and read the facts in your face
and words.

Please don't be so circumspect
I mean no harm
(unless it benefits me)

I like the way you look
when no one is watching
I like the way you think
when your mind isn't set on me
I experience the pain you sense
when I'm the one inflicting
and I collect the things you feel
like gems in a paper bag

Just brush your hair and
let it all flow away
don't look at the eyes
that accept the mascara
and the mask
that goes with it.

Don't lean too close-
the reflection may be clearer
and never
let it be known
that fear motivates
and dictates
that part of you
that will not see
the part of you
in me...

Poetry by kyew
Read 281 times
Written on 2007-03-02 at 04:50

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