The Other Man

I found the basement secret room
it was no longer secret
Itd shown itself by darkened moon
and left there, no regret

A body lies in still repose
a witness all its own
to all the lies of which it knows
like scattered seeds are sown

And time near took my backward glance,
with borrowed thought, I ran
I chased a demon for the chance
to find the other man

For deepened shadow hid me well,
I knew no darker night
and stumbled on- I dare not dwell-
for death would be the light

To let the hell-spawn find a way
had never crossed my mind
With retrospect in mute dismay
a solution I would find

I followed to the chamber door
The keyhole shone unhidden
where crescent moon and ancient lore
the window nook was hid in

In hand, the latch turned easily
and quietly for no reason
A ghost of nothing I did free-
my mind committed treason

And now a hollow shell remains
with eyes too still for you
Life is suffering as it wanes
and death can beckon, too

Poetry by kyew
Read 377 times
Written on 2007-03-05 at 09:11

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Karen Canning
very dark deeply emotional piece, I love the ending its so powerful