i feel sick, not knowing.
the threats keep coming,
he has to get going.
keep running keep running.

the powerplant has run away,
and we just sleep day to day.

say goodbye.

i love you like when Jesus is next to me.
and the world has set us free.

summer breezes next to winter chills,
and everythings so easy, everything fufills.

the stars are so dull they begin to explode,
their energy is wrong so they can only hope.

he's driving the hilly path to the place in the water,
to pray that the wrath is only one's falter.

i can't be angry, i love you all now.

this is the only time i can see what you really mean to me.
attention, detention, it is all the same. we're all just pawns in life's game.

say goodbye,
and show it like He's watching.
but do it every day, because no one's stopping you.

Poetry by Tori
Read 360 times
Written on 2007-03-20 at 02:56

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really now? i thought this was the worst structured one i have posted up. weird.

Amanda K
this is a very good work.well-structured and expressed.