2nd period..yearbook..
took some lyrics outa the song..
(=will tell you the lyrics ...

done so much wrong--hate..

(we walked through the door way
heard you calling from the hall
to find you in the bedroom
not breathing at all.
i drag your body to the cellar
where we lay.
the wax it melts away.
i kiss your face.)
now we are starting to love
you more
like paintings all over your face
life bleeding on the floor.
now we wait
like the drug that
changes us for so long..we know its wrong

and you hurt me in the worst
cause now that your gone..
for so long..
i hurt myself thinking
it'd bring you back.
but it hasnt yet.
so i am done.
acting like someone
so i take off the mini skirt and
preppy shirt.
so my black shirt and my Jeans.
with my black hair and peircings.
you always told me
to be what i want.
but i lost that
train of thought
for so long.
and now that your gone
i've done so much wrong.
i hate myself for it.
but i cant take it back

i miss you..
and i've done so
much wrong...

Poetry by Dahani
Read 264 times
Written on 2007-03-28 at 16:44

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