to Daniel..


i love you with my life.
every day that passes by.
your finally mine.
i miss you when your gone
but i know your always with me all along.
you take my side
even if it costs you your life.
i'll die if you go
so dont leave me.

i'll always remember the day
we got together.
you asked me out
i really didnt know what you
were talking about.
it was funni i know.
you shoulda been on a t.v. show.
i love you so much.
just remember that


Words by Dahani
Read 374 times
Written on 2007-05-15 at 16:23

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Zoya Zaidi
Yeah, tell him you love him!
Nice Write!
(((Hugs Dahani)))
Love, Zoya

so sweet!!
hope the best for the 2 of you!!!
good luck with everything!
keep up the great work....