yah-just a few words


hurtful words from my enamies of these last 4 years...

whats it like to die alone

hows it feel like when tears freeze when you cry?

& your blood in your veins is dripping dry..

i dreamed that i crashed my car through your window

and i found you in the hall..still alive

just in time to kill you.

the curse you put on me is true.

all the things that you've done to me.

you'd tease me about the silliest things/

and i hated you for all of it.

i rethink all of the stuff you've done.

to realize i'm not the one.

to kill you.

i'm better than that.....

Poetry by Dahani
Read 228 times
Written on 2007-04-11 at 16:42

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