abusive relationships

the way he loves me is not the same
way i love him. he thinks its a game
i hate how i think that this relationship
gets worse.
when you know
its as worse as it gets.
he loves to hurt me
i dont know why
but i hate how he does
it he makes me cry.

i am scared to leave
afraid i'll die
i hate how i am so
& outa luck.

info- abusive relationships
400/450 women outa these
relationships are so scared to
leave that they end up dieing.

Poetry by Dahani
Read 333 times
Written on 2007-04-16 at 16:45

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Zoya Zaidi
You are so right!
The trouble with an abusive relationship, or for that matter any relationship, is that you damn get so used to it. It happens so gradually that you do not notice how worse it becomes... Till you actually begin to enjoy it! You know what I mean, Masochism of a kind sets in... It is best to find the strength some how to break free off it, or it can get even worse-may be even dangerous!

Love, Zoya

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
The trouble with being in an abusive relationship, is that its just not that simple - you can't always walk away, even when you know you should. It is a sad statistic and for anyone caught in this spiral - there is just so much pain - physical and emotional

Elle x

Great job!!!
That is soo sad!
Keep up the wonderful work!

...its sad how in the senselessness of our thoughts, if any, we resort to jungle ways where no harmony, no love, no desire to be the least bit humane exists... or perhaps we simply are dead to ourselves... its sad.

...thanks for this wonderful depiction of a tormented soul, reality is what it is, we cant ignore it...