I'm not usually like this
just having a bad week
or life
i dont know
but this is how i feel.
i'm letting go of everyone.

drowning is my death.

i'm so caught up in my life

i feel like i'm drowning.

as i fall into the ocean

away from everyone.

friends- are distant

and Family isnt there

it seems like.

i'm the only one.

fighting to struggle.

feeling lonley as ever.

in my so called nightmare

life that never seems to end.

Pain isnt always bad so it seems

seeing the blood dripping into the sink

makes me releaved.

i dont know why but

i know

how hard i try..

no one sees my effort.

they choose to tell me

i'm not worth it..

Friends- are far away now.

i can hardly see.

they cant see all the pain

i've caused me.

i know i'm slipping of the edge

and hanging by a thread

i want to start this life over again

i tryed to hold on to the memories

that i've had.

but its just too bad.

that they are gone.

i know now that i'm done.

no hope...

to float.

Drowning is my death.

(how i feel)

Poetry by Dahani
Read 239 times
Written on 2007-04-17 at 16:28

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