watching over me.

as i lay here dieing
in my bed.
i remember something
that you once said..
be careful for what you
wish for.
cause one day you'll
end up bleeding on the floor.
i lay here choking on my blood.
i wish that i could see you one
more time.
to tell you, you were right.
i remember those times when
we were tight.
when you told me that you
loved me and i never said it
i wish i could have and thats fact.
reality is now overcomming my life
i know that this year has been full of lies.
sorry i am..sorry i might..
i wish i could have you here tonight..
as you would be watching me die.

Poetry by Dahani
Read 292 times
Written on 2007-04-26 at 16:21

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Very deep,
you did a really good job on this one!..
keep up the work! :D