is my way of life
i am not like others
who slit their wrists with knifes
my hair is black and red highlights.
i look like i just got outa bed.
to who knows when i'll start 2 cry
all people who hate think i should die
emo- i'm this if tou say
if you thinkit will work
set my mind straight w/ a bat.
hate me or love me
i could care less.
cause i dont care if your the best
all of us emos are not failures &
not all of us live in trailers
we're just as succesful as you
if not even more
at least we have enough
to not wake up on the floor.
if you hate..
then dont act.
cause you'll end up getting slapped.
we're emo.
we cant help.
the way we feel.

Poetry by Dahani
Read 265 times
Written on 2007-04-26 at 16:33

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