you..just you

i fall deeper and deeper everytime i see you.
i dont know what it is
but i love you.
i dont know if its because of what
you do.
or how you act.
when you walked into my life
i thought it was a dream..thats a fact.
that one little kiss
just tought me how much you'd
be missed.
if i left you
or you left me.
i hope you can see
where i'm comming from
seeing you in your gold
car..from far.
makes me smile for a while.
i got your number.
and at night its hard to slumber.
knowing that i see you tomarrow.
hanging with you is the coolest thing
so i think.
i dont care if you smoke weed.
its just one of your needs.
i just want you..
just you..
you have to be the only true
thing in my life.

Poetry by Dahani
Read 247 times
Written on 2007-04-30 at 16:40

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